Coffee Share 210730: A Good Month of Writing

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Good day all and welcome back. Are you out of breath with July?  In some ways, I am but they are mostly good.  In particular, in spite of July being one of my big quarterly project months (which burns down about 3 days of the week) work was- well, work and yet, I still had a great month of writing.

I produced and published: 3 stand alone stories,

5 coffee shares (if you include this one) had the first of those new stories examined by Marsha’s Story chat (a what a hoot that was).

I also made some great progress on my newest and longest new novelette length story.

gw card shot 2 croppedI was hoping to introduce it today, but my main character, a clever material engineer from a young space station out in the asteroid belt from 2 maybe 3 decades in the future who is stuck in a wheel chair, had other ideas.

She managed to land the job of defending the whole space station from an aggressive nation back on Earth who are interested only in taking over the station for themselves.

So, it’s her and her pilot, Ray, against the nation of China. They’re bringing a brand new warship, their first. She has a mining ore transport because that’s what the station has to work with. She also has mastered both several areas of material science and is a grand master in the world of chess. She’s not interested in taking any prisoners, so I’ve decided not to provoke an argument with her and tell some of this story her way.

Mei-Jhen Wu is my protagonist and she really wants us to know more about her enemy than I planned, and frankly it took much longer than I expected to understand how she was going to take down a real warship with only an ore transport and some clever use of materials found floating around the asteroid belt.

I now know how she plans on winning. She’s keenly aware that while she knows the game of chess much better than her opponent; they have the only queen on the board,  So, sometime in August it will be “Game On” and I hope you’ll spend about an hour with me, Mei-Jhen and “Defending Canopy Station”.

If we were sitting down to coffee, I would invite you to check out my newest barely-historical fiction based on two encounters I had growing up. I was going to offer a teaser line of introduction, but that would risk giving away the best part of a hard situation I put my characters into.

It was a run-away success in the Facebook group where I share some of my stories and I think you might like it too. It’s an odd mix of dramatic and playful and, well, give it 5 minutes and let me know what you think. You’ll find it here: A Distant Memory Recalled.

Okay, It’s getting late here and I need to pay some attention to my customers. Thanks for stopping by.

I’ll be making my rounds to find your post soon.
Blessings all! 

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20 thoughts on “Coffee Share 210730: A Good Month of Writing

  1. HI Gary, good day to you. Sounds interesting! I watch just enough sci-fi to qualify as a Trekkie, and Star Wars fan, so easy to mix metaphors and info! But I admit when my husband was using some of his recovery time to watch Marvel movies, with the noise, the violence and all that, I retreated into Hallmark Christmas in July movies. Talk about Ying and Yang! Best and blessings, Michele

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    1. Hi Michelle and I’m so glad you stopped by. I’m mixed on the whole Marvel trend. They’re not gory but they’re full of nonsense violence. Both Star Trek & Star Wars had violent action but it was always limited to what the story needed.
      My effort is to see if I can tell a scifi action story that focuses on how the battle was won rather than the violence it would have required.
      I have an image in mind as to how I could do it, but until it’s done I don’t know how well it will work. Thanks for thinking about this with me.

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      1. I don’t write much fiction, but some of the process you describe also fits for blogging and other non fiction efforts. Having said that, haha, I have two fiction projects in the works. Well one is straight fiction, a Christmas Story, the other is my Biblical Character monologues. I try to include enough fiction to be realistic, but also try to rest my monologues on biblical, theological, historical and honestly on some of the fruits of feminist theologians.

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      2. Hi Michelle.
        You might enjoy a tbought experiment that I tried more than 30 years ago to write but the word processors of the time were not up to the task.
        Children’s story of a guise and time Machine-craft that give tours of biblical events. My ideas was to have a series of
        Kid stories that parents could buy then I would run Script on the master doc that replaces their child’s name & pronouns with stubs I left in for this purpose.
        The project failed and i went back to work. Oh well . . .

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  2. I love it how characters get carried away and take you on their journey. I’m at the last stages of a first draft for novel no. 9 (how did that happen) and my protagonist has decided she doesn’t like what I had planned for her (and I use the term planned very loosely). Here’s to a great August.

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  3. I really enjoyed your Story Chat over at Marsha’s blog Gary. Your writing is always interesting and your new story sounds full-on! En joy the month ahead. #weekendcoffeeshare

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    1. Hi Deb. Thanks for for being part if the story chat. I was do fortunate to have folks like you engage the project with so much enthusiasm. The new story is going to be very different than what you’ve seen from me already, but I think it will be a fun mental ride.

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  4. Gary, I so admire those who can write fiction. I have no interest nor skills as I prefer the stories from life..but I know so many people love to engage in the fantasy and the story and I wish you well. Cheers from Australia. Denyse #weekendcoffeeshare

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  5. Very fun reflective post. It’s nice to have been a part of your recent blogging history. Thanks so much again for participating in Story Chat. Cathy has the next two months covered with new authors to all of us, and I’m excited about that. We have stories scheduled until about March of next year, with some new authors and some returning, so I’m thrilled that it is off to such a great start. Congratulations on all your new stories. You’ve had a successful month, and I wish you many more. 🙂

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  6. Nice work, Gary. You certainly had a very productive writer’s month. I hope August brings you more to build on. Thanks for the coffee.

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