Coffee Share 210924: Too Alone …

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I’m almost done with my bout of covid (and am very thankful I had such an easy path) but decided not to go into more details with this coffee share. Instead, I picked up an inspiration and followed it to create a new piece of fiction that has covid  as a starting point but (as I like to do) finds it’s way to a surprise that you may not know about.  I don’t want to say much and risk spoiling it for anyone but I do think this story has two important messages, one that had to be researched and the other is just plain good humanity in motion.

gw card shot 2 croppedSo, without taking more of your time here, can I suggest you grab that cup of coffee and spend about 10 minutes with a story you’ll not regret reading. My initial feedback has been good so I think this one worked as planned.

I call it: Too Alone for Too Long

I hope it leaves you smiling and thinking how you would react if you were one of the characters.

If you know someone who needs to experience this message through a piece of fiction, know that I would be so honored if you share it with them.

Blessings all! 

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13 thoughts on “Coffee Share 210924: Too Alone …

  1. Glad you are almost feel 100% again. My son had what a presumed was a head cold this last week so I kept him home. 3 days into it he school declared an outbreak so off the the COVID testing station we went. I am happy to report he was negative. What a cold though. Anyway, thanks for coffee Gary.

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  2. Oh gosh Gary, I had not realised you had Covid. What a time…and so pleased to know you are on the mend. We remain in lockdown in our part of Australia until there is at least 70% vaccination and as over 70s and both fully vaccinated we can wait. There is talk by Christmas our state will have close to 90% and that is some good goal to aim for. Take care, Denyse #weekendcoffeeshare

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