Coffee Share 211008: Dances With Gyroscopes

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Greetings all,

For me, covid is now mostly history. I got it. It proved to be a very mild case as compared to many, but I slept through most of September, stayed away from everyone and now I’m fine.

But now it’s over. I like the thought that I’m now doubly protected from getting it again thanks to having been vaccinated earlier this year and now, having just had the bug, my immune system mostly knows about it and will most likely defeat any future exposure, at least for a few months.   And yes, I know I may still get a variant that both the vaccine and my previous exposure did not prepare me for, but I also know that the odds of my getting reinfected are very low.

But I’m back to work now and life is returning to normal. I’ve developed an whole new appreciation for mid-day naps. Since I’m still trying to regain my lost stamina and sometimes press a bit harder than my body wants, it rewards me by calling me to bed for a few hours mid-day.  If this is the worse thing I have left over from covid, I’m okay with it.

gw card shot 2 croppedThis was a busy week and I’ve been trying to get my longer story done, but it has proved frustrating. I’m at the stage where I’ve printed off a manuscript and done a paper-edit. Now, I’m entering those edits and my method always leads me to further changes as I go so this step is never fast.

I’m pretty happy with most of what I have so far and completion is again in-sight after hiding from me while I slept though September.

This week, I wanted to produce something new and one morning I was reminded of a short comment conversation between myself and one of our peers from this coffee share. She inspired a thought and I turned that thought into a 3-minute story.

Because I want to do some more editing of my larger story, can I leave you with the invitation to check it out? I call it;

Dances With Gyroscopes

Also, my earlier fictional story about a young girl dealing with her slow recovery from covid has been well-received but in case you missed it, here’s the link for it.

Too Alone For Too Long

That’s it for me this week.  I’ll be out of town tomorrow so may be delayed in visiting your venue but with any luck, I’ll have a slow work day and be able to get to a few.  Then I’ll do my best to catch up on Sunday and Monday.

Blessings all! 

GW bio card 4

14 thoughts on “Coffee Share 211008: Dances With Gyroscopes

  1. I have heard that the tiredness really lingers. I know even with my vaccine I was draggy tired for about 2 weeks after so I can’t imagine battling that tiredness after being sick. Glad to hear that you are getting better.

    I am at a similar stage with my longer piece of writing, trying to get those last few chapters done to start the editing stage. I say, hang in there to both of us.

    Hope you have a great weekend Gary.

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    1. And after yesterday of working all day outside I’ve decided that I’m back to normal. There’s a bit of exercise needed to regain my previous stamina, but I made it through a whole day of driving a park dump truck around as part of the effort to clean up the droppings of a private park my family has been members of for 5 generations.
      Thanks for the visit. If’ you like to see some of what kind of forest and park I was at, check out this link from a story I wrote about the place earlier this year.
      It was like walking around in a garden with all the trees pumping out an excess of oxygen all day long.

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  2. Glad to hear you’re well and truly on the mend. As you say, if midday naps are the worst part of the covid hangover for you, it’s ok. Thank goodness you were double vaxxed. Have a great week.

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  3. Hi Gary,
    Great to hear your well and a Nanna nap during the day is good for the soul. Indeed, the Lord said to rest for an entire day so that leaves you in credit. I had a massive effort sanding back the outdoor table this week. However, it’s done now. The trouble is, that I am too, and it’s cold and wet today. Most inconsiderate of the weather after we’ve been locked up for so long.
    Well, speaking of Nanna naps, I need to collect.
    Best wishes,

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    1. Hi Julie.
      I think I was one of the lucky ones who did not have much of a reaction.
      Just a little sore at the ejection site the next day. I’ve heard mixed stories here too.


  4. Glad to hear you’re back working again and the after-effects of Covid haven’t been too bad. It must be getting to the time to hunker down as well for y’all with the colder weather coming in. Naps are amazing and highly underrated. Hope you have a good week ahead!

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