Coffee Share 211023: Two Joys to Share

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What a week it has been! 

But, I’m still standing (well — when I want to) and I have two triumphs in hand after two big efforts, so I’m very pleased to be sitting quietly in the dark of a (predicted) rainy Saturday morning.  Before sharing them, I’ll update you on a couple of personal news items of interest.

gw card shot 2 croppedSeveral of you know I’m working to get a new story out the door and it has proved to be a battle of distractions, but this week, I finished a big edit pass and the story is in much better shape, but not ready so I can report three triumphs.  I hope to do the next step today but have a church event late this afternoon — so this hermit of a man has to come out of the cave and spend some time among normal people.  I can do this!

Our blogging friend, Marsha, has reached out to invite me to again be a part of her Story Chat monthly event. She’s working with a couple of other writers as well so the month is not yet nailed down but should be in one of the months soon after February of 2022. Her expectation for me is for a great unpublished story, 1000 words or less. Yesterday and already this morning, one began to take form and I’m anxious to put fingers to the keyboard to capture it.

But, 2022 ?  Is that really so near?

Yes.  Contrary to what it feels like – 2022 is almost here and we have a chance to make it a much better year that 2021. I think we can all agree that being better than this or last year is a pretty low bar, but we’ll still have to work at it.

Okay, my two triumphs. I have two successes that I’m enjoying.  One from work and a second personal family matter.

At work I’m fairly well known for a quarterly project that I’ve done for our division since 2007.  It wasn’t a big deal back then, but has grown over the years into a uniquely funded project with 2 of us doing the actual production work and going out to almost 300 of Oracle’s largest customers. If I posted my customer list, you would recognize many of them from around our globe.   The success is that earlier this year, I redesigned the major piece to make it more comprehensive in dealing with the data set I analyze and easier to understand.

Easy to understand is the point of the project, so improving this alone was big.  You certainly know about how hackers are doing their best to rob us blind through large computer systems used by our banks and investment companies, our hospitals and insurance companies, our phone and internet providers, our schools and government agencies and even our military branches.  Even our service companies from places like Starbucks, Netflix and Amazon and many big pharma labs all use our software.  Many of these companies have found value in working with my peers to subscribe to my quarterly document which helps them manage their software security exposure.

I’ve likely already said more than you care to know about this, but my triumph is that this redesign paid off this week as we now know how to use this new format so what used to take us up to four days to produce was accomplished last week in in just two without either of us missing any meals or sleep. The subscribers love the new look and feel.  I’m so tempted to put a screenshot on the next line, but doubt you would find it interesting so I’ll just promise you that it’s very cleaver and very cool.  My management loves it and easily agrees each year to continue my funding.

Okay.  That was one. The other is a family matter and for this I’ll be very brief. My sisters and I inherited two properties from our parents. One of them was a small doctors office.  For many reasons, this property had changed from being a decent investment to one that represented more risk than revenue.  If it had only been that simple, getting rid of it would not have been a triumph, but there were personalities involved that poisoned the whole process and made selling this little office an emotional mess.  My sisters were upset and I was angrier than I recall ever being. But the deed is done (and no – that was not an intentional pun, but I confess to kinda liking it) and while final signatures need to be collected on Monday, the deal is now — done.  A large body of risk to my sisters and I is 98% gone and we have a few dollars coming out way that for a change, will exceed the price of a few pizzas.

I do plan to to celebrate our new freedom next week by buying a pizza from the proceeds of that soured investment and certainly will raise a glass of a favorite Chianti (a wonderfully sharp Italian wine) to commemorate the passing of this era. 

Just for today’s virtual coffee share, can we use wine instead?

That’s it for me this week. Two simple joys and two big ones. In my book, that makes a good week. I be around to check out many of your shares later this morning.

Blessings all! 

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29 thoughts on “Coffee Share 211023: Two Joys to Share

  1. I am totally open to replacing coffee with wine this weekend. Congrats to the successes at work, and the end of a stressful situation with that office. It sure has been a great week so far, and it is not over yet 🙂 Cheers my friend!

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  2. Pizza and chianti is always a great way to celebrate & yes, you have my permission to substitute wine for coffee (I’ve never been much of a coffee drinker anyways). Well done on the work project – and the recognition from that. I admire you too on the short story front – I’ve never been good at writing short stories.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi Jo. So good to have you stop by to share both a glass of wine 🍷 and my good news. You know that sharing a joy is the best way to double it.
      I get how some aren’t good at writing stories. I think I was born with what skills I have because I don’t recall a time when I didn’t want to create and share them. On the other hand, I totally suck at almost all things related to poetry and can barely make sense of some of it. 😕


  3. Hi Gary,
    Thank you for the glass of wine, definitely different but enjoyable! Congrats on your work success and an end to a stressful era with the real estate office situation. Also, sounds like you are making progress on your writings. Oh gosh, I’ve been busy and haven’t been blogging as much as of late. It’s been nice catching up, and have a wonderful rest of your weekend! 😀

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    1. After last week, I very much get “busy” not to mention stress but was so relieved when it was past. I think that sharing even a virtual glass of wine 🍷 is a pleasant change. Thanks for stopping by.

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  4. I’m happy to have a glass of wine!
    Congrats to the success at work – security systems are so important. HSE (The Irish healthcare service) had a cyber ransom attack early this year. I’d say their computer system were rather outdated (at least, knowing what I know about Ireland, public services and IT). It took a long time to restore things, and I don’t know if they’re back to normal yet. It felt like an insult to everyone who works so hard to maintain the healthcare during the Covid crisis especially.
    Enjoy the relief that comes with closure of the office sale, the pizza, and the rest of your week!

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    1. Hi Susanne, I’d not heard the Irish HSE attack. It sounds like the hackers succeeded and if yes, that had to be a very expensive mess. It is so frustrating because our normal jobs are hard enough but now we have to work even harder to try to prevent these sorts of attacks because if they come our way, the results can be devastatingly expensive and some companies are so damaged that they slip right out of business and never reopen their doors.

      Thanks for the kind wishes and for stopping by for a visit.


  5. Wine would be great! …getting close to 4pm so within acceptable etiquette as a pre dinner drink. The stress that property can put people under is terrible. I hope the last 2% is incident free and enjoy that pizza when it comes.

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    1. Hi EC,
      Thanks for the visit. So far is so good here. When funding is done, (Monday hopefully) we’ll have only 1% to worry about and that is something we hope jut never happens.
      BTW – about your new blog theme, I could not find a way to add a comment so you might be seeing very few. Did you recall to check that box to allow them?

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      1. I’ve had no end of issues on the comment front! I think I whittled down to a misunderstanding on my part on the security model for jetpack and WordPress, the settings competing against each other and my new host operating some sort of cache. So I was tweaking and not seeing a result! I think it’s fixed!

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    1. Hi SMK – I’m a very small part of it, but yes, I do get to “touch” a lot of big companies around the globe and it can be nerve wracking some times to think about what could happen should the wrong person on our side miss something or make a mistake. Brrrrr.


  6. My dad and his siblings inherited this large piece of land but my dad is the one who is managing it. For many years his siblings have asked him to sell it but it would be lower than what their parents purchased it for. My dad continues to hold on to it — maybe one day they’ll develop on this land.

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    1. Hi Julie, I understand the pressure he must be under. I hope he has the wisdom to see and follow the best path for all involved. It’s not at all easy sometimes.
      Thanks for stopping by.


  7. Congratulations on the triumphs! A glass of wine seems fitting. I always love learning more of what people do. So fascinating. Congrats on moving forward with the story as well.

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  8. Lots of reasons to smile, Gary! Congratulations on the success at work – this is no mean feat, particularly in this much depended on area.

    And I hear & feel you on getting the inheritance sorted. I’m note quite sure why these matters drag on forever, but I am glad it is all done & dusted. Thank you for the pizza & wine!

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  9. Subbing wine for coffee works for me any day, any time of day. Glad for your successes after a difficult week. My father has passed but my mother is still living. We have begun consolidating her investments because we are so afraid of losing track of an account somewhere along the way. And for years we operated on what we thought was the power of attorney for my parents only to discover pages of the document were missing. We found the original and made sure we started including all of the pages whenever we presented it. But all of this has been very nerve racking.

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  10. I love your coffee shares, Gary. Thanks for the mention, BTW. What a work accomplishment and a feather in your cap! Congratulations. I can’t imagine doing what you are doing, but thank you for protecting us from scammers and naughty computer users. On your other topic, I think most of us at my age have seen the stress that result from family situations. I’m glad yours has resolved itself and you can enjoy a pizza at its expense! Have a happy Thanksgiving, my friend.

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    1. Hi Marsha. Thanks for the kind feedback on my coffee shares. I do try to make them different and entertaining.
      My part in the battle against hackers feels pretty small and hard to measure but if just a few use my work to close hacks that are known to work the all their customers are protected. The multipler can be pretty big. It feels pretty cool to think what I may be preventing. Thanks for this comment too.

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