Coffee Share 211126: Guy Problems

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Good morning and Happy (Day after) Thanksgiving.  Here in the US, we are just starting what is arguably one of the worst days of each year. For us, the day after thanksgiving is known as Black Friday.  It’s the traditional day when many companies open their doors and websites to huge throngs of people queued up to shop while they offer huge discounts. People are known to get in line hours ahead of opening time, endure driving snow, pick fights with others about who was holding whose place in line and, once the doors are open, rush the tables inside and fight over the limited stock of whatever product they need badly enough to behave so badly to obtain.  It’s not a pretty sight, or so I’m told, because since realizing what was going on downtown (way before there was a WWW for us to take our battles to) I determined that there was not and never would a product that I needed or wanted bad enough to endure such nonsense. 

Lord, I hope you’re not just back from one of these shopping rampages. That would be awkward.

gw card shot 2 croppedInstead, I intend on spending the day progressing my latest piece of short historical fiction.

That said, I don’t want to tie you down with a long coffee share but I did want to share that after posting last week’s coffee essay, I had a flash of a memory that I decided to add to my autobiographical story collection.

See, we guys have issues with women that seem to actively draw us into unintended and inappropriate chaos and after some thought, I decided I could capture this event without embarrassing the woman involved by changing her name and, it’s been long enough since the event that even those who knew me back then might have a hard time putting together who was the focal point of this mental trauma.

A friend had a near death experience, right in front of me and I had to act to save her, but of course, there were, um, complications to sort and think through when there was no time to do so.

I thought you might enjoy a short story of my distress navigating yet another situation I did not ask for but only a real looser would fail to act and resolve. Its word length puts it at a 5-minute read and now that everyone survived, we can laugh about it with impunity.

So, freshen up that coffee and enjoy a breath-taking retelling from roughly 25 years ago.

A Life and Breath Event


Blessings all! 

GW bio card 4

17 thoughts on “Coffee Share 211126: Guy Problems

  1. I dread this day. Even heading out to get my coffee this morning, when they open (5 a.m.) and there was a LINE. Awful. My husband used to drag me out, but l hate it so much. I live in a relatively small, rural community so 20 people in the store is a mob.

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  2. This shopping spree thing seems to have taken over here in Australia too. I ignore all the messages and emails and actually use it as an opportunity to unsubscribe. Off to read your story for #weekendcoffeeshare


    1. Hi Deb. This is too bad. Black Friday is not one of our better ideas. It has resulted in even worse commercialization of the holidays and makes people act like idiots. We tend to avoid going out that day for anything.

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  3. Oh I avoid Black Friday. I used to go here and there but I really don’t enjoy it and the reality is, most times, sales will be there again later. I’d rather stay home….and actually I worked today. I read your story. Oh gosh, I kind of chuckled at your dilemma. So glad it all ended well.

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  4. Like you, I avoided the Black Friday gang yesterday. We had to go to Walmart today, and it was relatively quiet. Best wishes with all your writing, historical and blogging. Have a great start to December. 🙂

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  5. I had no idea what Black Friday was until a few years ago, as it’s not that big of a thing here in the Netherlands. I, too, tend to avoid it, although I was tempted to get something I didn’t really need online this year. My staff talked me out of it though. I’m so glad you spent your day writing rather than hunting for bargains on things you didn’t need anyway.

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  6. I am happy to say that the Canadian Thanksgiving doesn’t correspond with Black Friday. I am also happy to say that I do not participate in the shopping chaos. I am heading over to check out “A Life and Breath Event.” Thanks for the virtual coffee coffee Gary.

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  7. Gary, my husband will tell you that the word “sale” does something terrible to my psyche, but to to my health issues and budget concerns, I don’t hit the sales. I have, however, hit the op shops after Christmas when people bring in their unwanted gifts. It’s better than Christmas in there, especially near Palm Beach where my parents had their beach house.
    Black Friday wasn’t a thing here until a year or two ago. We don’t have thanksgiving here. After all, many of our ancestors were sent here in chains at their Majesty’s Pleasure. Nothing to be thankful there. Well, not until they’d been released anyway.
    I ordered 1.5kg of fudge from Tasmania tonight which had a 20%discount which almost covered the postage. It should last awhile. My daughter conned me into buying her a top and there’s nighty at Peter Alexander I really like with the Wizard of Oz on it. They discount so you have to time your purchase, and in waiting for the reduction, I missed out on the red Dorothy slippers which I do regret. Yet, I still feel guilty spending so much on a nighty even if it does bring me joy. Oh dear! It’s late too. Had better get to sleep.
    Best wishes,


  8. I worked at the mall in college and I survived working Black Friday. I am not going to lie, I hated waking up so early in the morning just so someone can get “deeply discounted” merchandise. For those who called out or ditched working that day were automatically terminated. Side note: I did not see anything different about Black Friday sales, they were like other sales and deals I saw at the mall all year around. The only thing different was hype marketing around Black Friday.

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    1. Yea – I would have bet that Black Friday is a huge no fun event for anyone stuck working at those stores. I had an on-line customer whose name you would recognize and part of supporting them was staying awake with them from midnight through the whole of Friday because they produced 70% of their annual revenue during the crazy on-line hours right after thanksgiving, so even on line was nuts. In this case they would not spend the money for larger computers just for that one weekend because by Tuesday, They’d have excess capacity that they would never use. So we all knew this single wave on demand was coming but could only strengthen what small computers and software they had and heaven help us all if it did not stand up against that wave.
      Those were NOT the good old days.
      Thanks for visiting Julie. I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season.


  9. Black Friday has become a thing here of late too – some say it’s bigger than boxing day which is traditionally our day of sales. I use it for unsubscribing to everything I’ve accidentally subscribed to over the past year. Hopping over to read the story.

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