College and Career

This series of stories comes from late 1974 when I moved to San Jose then in 1977 when i moved to Kirkland Washington to begin “Real College”.  in December of 1979 I like to say I rescued my bride from UC Berkeley and brought her home to Kirkland where we both finished our undergrad work.

In late 1974, I moved out of my parent’s home (my sister’s sighs of relief echoed for days) and suddenly found myself alone in a new 1 bedroom apartment in San Jose, Calif. working for a computer manufacturing company that is no longer around.

My Heald’s training prepared me nicely for the work of testing and repairing computer circuit boards, then whole computer systems, then some time spent in an R&D lab working on the company’s newest technologies.

I had only a few friends nearby, but they quickly inserted me into their world and I found that I loved being a single guy with my own apartment running my own life. In this context – I found many more life changing adventures to have.

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