Desperately Anxious :: CR99 220207

For: Carli Mill’s Carrot Ranch and her #99WordStories:
In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story that includes anxiety.

Desperately addicted to antacids, Charles swallows and takes the stage.

He knows the auditorium sits 900 and is packed – again.

The video reaches thousands more.

They come from miles expecting truth and inspiration.

Today — they’ll see my failures.

Today – I’ll fail them.

 – = Ξ = –

Desperately addicted to his words, single-mother, Tami, holds her sleeping new-born.

He’s starting.

The skin of her guilt will be peeled away . . .

Exposing me — before everyone.

. . . the evidence of her failure sleeps at her breast.

A path to forgiveness will be offered.

What if I can’t find and follow it?

GW bio card 4

18 thoughts on “Desperately Anxious :: CR99 220207

      1. There is no better reckoning than a child’s innocent, trusting eyes looking into her mother’s eyes with pure, unadulterated and unconditional love. It strips away all the pretenses and walls developed living life and bares your soul to the wizened eyes of a new-born baby.

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    1. Hi Charli.
      Thanks for giving it a read.
      I can’t claim to understand their pain but only imagine it from those I know who suffer from it. With any luck, my exploration of it can help others like me understand it better.
      This was a great prompt that I hope I did justice to.


    1. Hi Colleen.
      Thank you for such wonderful feedback. I was pleased to make it work, but there was so much more that could be said if only Charli set the goal at 200 words. . . LOL.

      I’m still trying to figure such anxiety out, but have learned a few things. What a painful way to live – always trying to control such thoughts and worries.
      It has to be exhausting.

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  1. That’s cool how you showed both sides of that meeting. Both participants not imagining the anxiety in the other, needing the other’s faith. An ironic irony in a way. I’m pretty sure a lot of people fake it till they make it and in so doing keep others going.

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    1. Hi D.
      That part came out well, yes.
      But there so much more that could have been said about them – but 99 means 99 so I kept carving until I met the requirement. I’m glad you still found value in what survived 🙏

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