From a Lost Sandcastle :: N2W 220203



“Dad — my sandcastle was right here yesterday. Now it’s gone.”

“Son, the ocean is teaching you. You should listen. I once lost a picnic to the tide while playing.”

“You two – always looking for meaning. Okay — thanks to your father; I lost something here, I lost my, um — never mind. The sand of your castle is still here. You could rebuild someplace safer. We found his picnic destroyed in the waves.  But, somethings, once lost can’t be rebuilt or found.”

“Dad?  What’s mom talking about?”

“She means – um — losing some things actually improves your castle.”


From: KL’s New 2 Writing: #WRITEPHOTO



GW bio card 4

17 thoughts on “From a Lost Sandcastle :: N2W 220203

    1. Hi Hugh.
      I think you read lots of blog posts and likely read a lot of stuff in general. If I managed to get a laugh from you, then I’m going to call that a victory and enjoy a bit of success.
      Thanks for giving my story some of your time.

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  1. LOL, that was subtle. Very cute. I see you have already discovered KL’s WritePhoto challenge. She does a great job with it, and you did a fabulous job writing micro fiction.

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    1. Hi Marsha – thanks for giving this little item a read. Yea, I took the advice of several and forced some stories into the 99-word format, which you know, for me really rounded off the corners of this square peg when pounded into place.
      All part of the fun – right?

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      1. It IS a challenge. I joined in Charlie’s 99-word challenge this week for the first time in a long time. It is all part of the fun, as you say. 🙂

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