Gallium Goes Hollywood :: CR99 220907

“Mom – you were right. I love chemistry.”

“Well, that took all of two classes. What got you so excited?”

“Liquid metal – just like the Terminator.”

“Sweetie, that’s Hollywood.”

“No – it’s real. It’s a silver-colored metal named Gallium, that melts just above room temperature. It can be used to make robots.”

Gallium Goes Hollywood

“I’ve never heard of it. We can make robots from it?”

“Yes, microscopic ones that move, swimmingly, through fluid. They could be injected into people to precisely deliver medicines.”

“Oh – I’m not sure that’s a good thing.”

“Mom – don’t think ‘Hollywood’, think how they could have cured grandpa’s cancer.”

Inspired by Charli Mill’s Carrot Ranch, #99WordStories
In 99 words (no more, no less) write a 99-word story using the word “swimmingly”

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9 thoughts on “Gallium Goes Hollywood :: CR99 220907

    1. Wow – Dora,
      You just made my day with likely the kindest feedback I can recall getting.
      I write both to be read and to improve my skills. I tried writing for myself, but not risking being read and hated by someone made the effort worthless to me, so I guess I discovered that I need the risk to keep improving. But I’m also a teacher at heart and for someone to say that they “study” my stories is a huge compliment..
      I don’t know what all you’ve read but would love to hear your reaction to one of my longer stories. It’s a historical fiction wrapped around a road house near to where I live now. I visited it and got some photos and built a story around what I could find of its history.
      As a peer writer, I bet I could learn plenty from you.
      Thank you for your kind feedback.


      1. Hey! Every time you post to Short Story Readers and Writers, I read your content. What I have learned is that any subject you want to write about you can just put some effort into it and add a photo. Some curious person is probably going to read it.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes, this is likely true. But when I decided to start writing deliberately, I chose to add only photos where they were needed, but then found that blog articles all but require at least one photo. I would like to write so well that people want to read my work for the quality of the words. And since blogging almost always has a photo, I try to find and use a good one, but put most of my effort into the words.
        I’m so glad that you have found value in reading and even studying my stories. Please ask me any questions or make suggestions as you see fit. Conversation helps refine our thinking, reveals blind spots and gives one a chance to grow.
        I’m thankful for your welcome and use of your group.


    1. Hi D.
      This was a fun discovery for me too. Charli had me stumped until I ran a quick search and stumbled over the gem of science that turned into this story. Stories that are both fun and teach some science are among my favorites – so when I can write one – it’s a thrill. Thanks for giving it a read and letting me know.

      Liked by 1 person

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