I’m Gary Wilson – the author of these stories.

They are autobiographical and are the result of my daughter asking me to record them for her own enjoyment.

I confess to a small amount of (hopefully) obvious hyperbole for fun and some rearranging of small facts either to protect someone from unwanted exposure or to allow me to tell the story in what I think would more fun than it otherwise would be.  The core of each story is true, no person or animal was injured beyond what is described – but several neighbors and siblings were badly inconvenienced.

I hope each story reminds you of a day when “having fun” was more basic and easier to have. Many, if not all, of these stories may cause you the think, “there is no way our children could do that today,” and frankly that is part of the fun I tried to capture.

This is still a new effort so feel free to: comment, like or share either a story or main link of: https://garyawilsonstories.wordpress.com, with your friends and family.  Sharing these stories is almost as fun as recalling them myself.

Thanks for stopping by.

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