Grandma’s Last Prayer


a lonely woman sitting by herself

A 99-word micro fiction story inspired by
my mom’s experience when I was 8 years old

You gave me — no – you allowed my breast cancer.

With a husband and three young children, I was frightened and angry.

I didn’t understand and asked, “Am I being punished? If you are LOVE – what am I missing?”

We talked, I pleaded. You seemed to agree so we went forward.

Surgery left me wearing a fake breast. Radiation burned my flattened chest.

Chemo left me near death — but I’m still here proving that a woman could survive 1960’s treatment.

And you kept our bargain.

I raised my children and knew my grandchildren before you called me home.

Thank you.

From: Sheryl’s #YDWordPrompt

Yonder :: Before I die, I want to . . .


GW bio card 4

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