Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Welcome to my story collection! Welcome to my story collection! This site was created as a platform for sharing my Dime of Time (DOT) stories. This name comes from a model I use which restricts all DOT essays to 2000 words or less, so most readers can finish one in 10 minutes, or a “Dime of time“. The theme is fun, and often rowdy, autobiographical stories about growing up.

Let’s see if we can find you an adventure.

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Newest DOT Story
A Surprise Dinner Date Adventure

2nd Newest DOT Story
The Suffering of a Young Autodidact

Newest Short Fiction
Ayem Notthymn: The Second Door

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Shelter In Place: Blog Binge Reading

Some short tours you can take by era or topic

If you know me from Grant Grammar School

The giant inner tube adventure
A tragedy and comedy in one story

If you are an animal lover

Oh the glory of owning a crazy dog
I had this unusual pet

If you  know me from Petaluma Jr. High

Why free ranging children are a thing of the past.
the back story of my time on a unicycle

If you know me from Petaluma High

A failed prom date
Trespassing as an art form

If you know me from Penngrove (early 1970s)

Recalling a Great Friendship
Do you recall the T-Swing at McNear Park?

If you know me from 1973 – 1975 or Heald College

The best way to deal with a bad grade is don’t earn one.
My short stint as a commuter to San Francisco

If you know me from San Jose 1975 – 1977 (Four Phase or Campbell Church)

There was this girl who wanted to do everything
How to weaponize a child
Do people really die in Death Valley?

If you know me from Northwest College, WA

Sometimes, a song just hits you right
This was both the best and worst summer job ever

If you know me from church after I was married

Did you hear about our 10th anniversary trip to Europe?
A time when my work with children went nuts

If you  know me as a parent

First – A Son
Second – A Daughter
Third – Another Son


(1) Grammar School
inner tube pilot
1 The Indoor Tsunami Adventure
2 The Invention of the Sauna
3 The Dark Cave Adventure
4 The Giant Inner Tube Adventure
5 The Poppies are Backcalifornia-poppies-2-.jpg
6 The Insurance Company Adventure
7 The Battle with My Dad Adventure
8 The Buckeye Adventure
9 The Tree Tag Adventure
10 IDK, What Do You Want To Dogm-ground-squirrel 4
11 The Eucalyptus Sprouts Adventure
12 A Pet From the Wild
13 A Shot Between Friends
14 A Dog and Her Boy

(2) Jr. High (aka Middle) Schoollarge
1 The Boomerang Adventure
2 The Rock Quarry Adventure
3 The 1st Bully Adventure
4 The 2nd Bully Adventureunicycle-3-e1543194859864.jpg
5 The Unicycle Adventure
6 New Driver Adventures
7 First Long Gun
8 The Art of Surviving Sisters
9 Ballistic Buddies Adventures pump BB gun
10 The Tree Top Adventure

(3) High School
1 My Penngrove Pivot
2 The Storm Drain Adventure
3 The Chainsaw AdventureT-swing 1
4 The T-Swing Adventure
5 The Capacitor Adventure
6 The Scary Night Adventure
7 The Prom Date Adventurewrist corsage 1024x683_b
8 Adventures in Trespassing
9 The Foggy Hike Adventure
10 Recalling a Great Friendship
11The Suffering Of A Young Autodidact
12 Water AdventuresGGT bus 1

(4) Trade School
1 The Better Grade Incident
2 The Commuter Horseplay Incidents
3 A Surprise Dinner Date Adventure
4 The Favorite Author Incidentcarved wood jar
5 Of Crashes and Christmas

(5) Career and College
1 First Professional Jobfilipino-gown.jpg
2 Learning to Scuba
3 The Most Audacious Birthday Gift
4 Helping Her Reach Higher
5 The Speleological Spiderman Incidentscaver
6 The Kid-Bomb Incident
7 Rich Mental Meals
8 The Spice of Life
9 Staying Alive in Death Valley
10 A Song From On Highkiss-shelbey-miller-unsplash-e1538788116171.jpg
11 Adventures in the Ship’s Tanks
12 The Bridge Toll Incident

(6) Married
1 My Big Accomplishmentaff-skydiving-2.jpg
2 My Rowdy Approach to Giving Exams
3 Considering the Fear of Heights
4 A Manic Mannequin Memory
5 An Unforgettable 10th Anniversary
6 Suffer Not The Children
7 A Simple Drink with Friends
dress lacy 50 pct

(7) Married with Children
1 Welcoming Our First New Born
2 Favorite Memory of a Baby Girl
3 My Childbirth Deception Stunt
4 A Unique Christmas Ornament
5 Jacquie’s Story
6 The Carrot Corn Pancake Incident 
7 Home Schooling Moms and Dads
8 The Eddies of Work & The Taste of Wordsjohns ice cream truck 1
9 A Heritage Of Ice Cream

Thanks for stopping by. Please leave a comment and introduce yourself if we’ve not met. You can also reach out to me via email at: .

Links to New Stuff  (Bear with me - this page is being remodeled.)
Newest Coffee Share
Coffee Share 210102:  Finally, A New Year
Newest DOT Story
A Surprise Dinner date adventure
2nd Newest DOT Story
The Suffering Of A Young Autodidact
Newest Short Fiction
Ayem Notthymn: The Second Door
Newest Non-Fiction
Shelter In Place: Blog Binge Reading

10 thoughts on “Table of Contents

  1. I love the latest update. The table of contents page looks amazing, and I like the added info, If you know me, If you are an animal lover, etc. Now on another note, I noticed you haven’t shared any new stories. I am not scolding. lol… Just wanted you to know I miss reading your work.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Ann Marie.
      Thanks for the comments on my TOC. I wanted some way to make it more user friendly and except I can’t get the look I wanted, I do like the “if you know me from…” suggestions.
      Then, about my new stories, I’ve had some distractions but hope to be back to normal soon.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I get the distractions. I have been in a funk. With all the chaos in the world, my heart and my emotions are all over the place, and I sometimes feel a little lost. So I am trying to keep busy, and I am having fun with my lesson plans for next year. Take care my friend and stay safe.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Sounds like a happy weekend! I’ve had shoulder issues again and finally, an MRI. I started physical therapy again but my doc also wants me to get an opinion from an orthopedic specialist. Anyhow, I’ve been in my head, learning about my health, learning to be mindful and relax, and I’ve forgotten to do some of my regular things. I may post every other week now. I spent a nice day with family yesterday! I hope you are well otherwise!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Good morning Pamela.
        Sorry to hear that shoulder is acting up again. I too have a similar issue but less frequent and only annoying. PT is a good thing and I’ve found it helpful too. My insurance actually pays for 2nd opinions so you might check to see if yours does too. You are so good about attending to learning more about your health. I advise you to keep your faith in mind also and pray for others. I’ve found that this keeps me balanced and not focused on just myself. I also don’t get anxious about posting. I love doing it but life happens and it’s best to just roll with and enjoy the trip while staying busy.

        Liked by 1 person

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