Into My Sunset :: CR99 220901

Only 3:58am.  Why am I awake? It’s still two hours before the alarm won’t go off, but I’ll get out of bed anyway.

Gloria will ask what I’m doing today and all I’ve got are quick yard chores, a clock battery to replace and six bills to pay. I could review the ads in my email but there won’t be anything of substance.

Damn but I miss thinking!

I thought our empty nest was a shock, but retirement leaving me with nothing significant will take me out before any virus.

Perhaps it is finally time for that red convertible.

CR99 - Red Convertable

Inspired by Charli Mill’s Carrot Ranch, #99WordStories
In 99 words (no more, no less) write a 99-word story about a “Red Convertible”

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16 thoughts on “Into My Sunset :: CR99 220901

    1. LOL Don.
      That story was not about me.
      I’m that guy who cares little for cars and I only want them to be comfortable for those inside, run for a long time as expected and NOT give me any surprises for which, I’m willing to do regular maintenance. After that, I care little for the specs of said car.

      But writing a book. I constantly find myself inching closer to doing this, but still worry that I’d have sufficient audience. As it is, I can barely give away my writing for free. Why would I want to cause more trees to be turned into books that few would buy or read?
      Sigh, but thanks for your vote of confidence.
      It means a lot to me.


      1. It’s not the quantity of readers, Gary, it’s the quality. Sometimes, in fact, it’s best to be a little under the radar. As to trees – they’ll be ok with it as long as the book is worthwhile and they’re not slaughtered in mass to get the paper to print it on.

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      2. I’ll keep trying to up the quality of my writing and perhaps, the book idea will catch hold. But till then, I hope to continue attracting your attention.
        Take care Ranger.


    1. Ha –
      Except that I have no interest in owning one, a hot red sports car would be much easier.
      Writing a novel would mean accepting the risk of selling maybe 30 copies which makes me want to reconsider the car. . .

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  1. A great, well written story. My neighbour got himself a a small red convertible roadster (not sure which make or model – my brothers know though!) when he retired. He and his wife sure enjoy that thing on beautiful sunny days.

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    1. Hi Nicole.
      I’m not a car guy but I know plenty of guys who are. I’m happy with a versatile SUV with good AC that takes me from A to B, but I could see enjoying a few drives like you described.
      Thanks for reading my story and for you kind feedback.

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