Making Guilt Worse :: CR99 220825

Inspired by Charli Mill’s Carrot Ranch, #99WordStories
In 99 words (no more, no less) write a 99-word story “Exploring Shame
CR99 Shame

“You made a mistake Jodi and a family died because you threw a burlap sack over that stop sign. It was a terrible idea. A healthy person would not have done it.

“You’re guilty of making a horrific decision.

“We didn’t know your mind was such a mess until we had you checked when you told us.  You’ve been on these new medications for only a week and look how clearer your mind is.

“But sweetie, not confessing might cause authorities to penalize an innocent person. That would increase the damage you’ve done and turn your guilt into shame.”

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9 thoughts on “Making Guilt Worse :: CR99 220825

    1. Hi Nicole. thanks so much for giving it a read and for this kind feedback. It was interesting to think this point through and then try to capture it in those few 99 words.

      Oh – I just noticed that you’ve begun following my blog. Welcome! I hope you find lots of interesting things to read.

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  1. Mmm….the guilty party is ashamed! Two different emotions yet often strongly connected.
    She who admits to being guilty, causes her to feel ashamed of her actions. Makes sense.
    He who denies his guilt, feels no shame!
    Good take Gary!


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