Mastering Her Beast :: CR99 230412

“Hello Mitchell. I heard about Emma – so sorry to hear that her – um, struggles never seem to improve. I’m praying for her.”

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“Thanks Gail. she’s had  a hard week but, she’s better today. Thanks for those prayers.”

“And how are you holding up? It can’t be easy – working and taking care of the house for such a frail wife.”

“She’s far from frail. Don’t think for a moment that she’s just an old woman struggling with age. Think of her as trusting your friendship by allowing you to see how she masters her beast of chronic depression.”CR99 - Woman v beast

Inspired by Charli Mill’s Carrot Ranch, #99WordStory Challenge
and her prompt of April 10, 2023: write a story about, “the old lady and the beast.”.

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6 thoughts on “Mastering Her Beast :: CR99 230412

    1. Hi D.
      These days, it seems we’re learning more about and are more aware of the presence impact of depression. For some of my family, who we struggled to understand when they were alive, this possible diagnosis seems to answer lots of questions and thus some who have it now are better understood and treatments help.
      Thanks for giving my story a read. Your visits are always appreciated.

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