Micro (Fiction): 99 Word Stories

This is my newest section and effort. Writing full stories in exactly 99 words is a goal and discipline created by by the good folks at the Carrot Ranch Literary Community.

All the stories in this section will consist of 99 word essays designed to meet the challenges of the Carrot Ranch 99 (CR99) weekly challenge or prompts from another blog curated by KL Caley and her, New 2 Writing (N2W) site. KL does not insist on 99 word stories but for a time, I’m choosing to address (most of) her weekly photo prompts with the 99 word restriction to help drive me to create approximately 2 essays per week in this format.

Thus you’ll note 2 sections, one for each (CR) Carrot Ranch and (N2W) essays.

Because these essays tend to be quick to produce, the list will be very dynamic — so check back frequently for new arrivals.

As always, I’m complimented if you follow, comment, react, laugh hysterically or mope as needed to join the fun. I think this will be a fun and fluid exercise.

Thanks for coming along.