My Next Home :: N2W 220122

barnard-castle-balcony-windowI’ve had many houses along this ridge.

I still recall my first, not much more that a shallow cave with a mud hut at the opening.

The log cabin, followed by one with plumbing.

I’ve had homes with living rooms and kitchens and shops.

But I’ve outgrown this last house, more of a castle really, with the music room and built the next with a large glass walled library.

I burned this old place — just like all the others.

I’m looking forward to the library, but not living without Cynthia.

I should have known I’d outgrow her too.

From: KL’s New 2 Writing: #WRITEPHOTO


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21 thoughts on “My Next Home :: N2W 220122

    1. Hi Geoff, and thanks, um I think.
      Perhaps it’s an obscure British thing that I’m missing,like boots & bangers, but your kind feedback had me tormenting several of my few surviving follicles trying to understand your use of “arc”.
      Did I manage to somehow only partially circumnavigate the topic?
      Did I produce limited little light with a sharp cracking sound.
      You have left me arcing between having missed a Le Pard fun pun and a tangental typo. . .

      I must need more tea because that was way too much fun 🙃


  1. Ooh this is fun (and slightly dark and mischievous too). Thank you for joining in with #writephoto. Lovely to have you along. I’ve set this to share on Wednesday too. 🙂 KL ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi KL,
      Yea – it was dark for my normal fare, but I committed to learn how to write short fiction and stretch some. This is what came out of thinking about your prompt so I just went with it.
      Thanks for hosting this event.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Burning places you leave, that line got me. At first I thought the narration might be an animal until you got to the burning part. I thought it was darker than your normal fare but interesting. It left me wondering about poor Cynthia. Did he burn her too? Oh dear!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Marsha.
      Yea, this did come out darker than my loose plan suggested as I started but had to admit my character told a more interesting story. And yes, poor Cynthia never saw her fate coming.
      Thanks for reading it and sharing your thoughts.
      Someone somewhere may be rethinking the wisdom of pointing me at micro fiction. 🤔


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