Old And New Traditions :: N2W 220217

N2W Blue boats


“Lad, I promised yer dad that I’d raise you to follow us and make your living fishing the sea.”

“I appreciate that Grandpapa. You have always kept your word.”

“Then why do you resist me at every turn?”

“It’s a simple principal that I’m trying to follow rather than family tradition.  The sea’s in my blood. There’s no denying it.”

“Then what?  I’ve tried to teach you ev’thing I know about fishing.”

“With the town growing and cruise tours becoming popular, I’ve decided that I prefer to come home after work smelling like fine perfumed women rather than fish.”

From:  KL Caley’s New To Writing: #WRITEPHOTO


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20 thoughts on “Old And New Traditions :: N2W 220217

  1. Aww, this is bittersweet, Gary. I wonder how many old traditions like this that had been passed down the family have stopped but equally, I love that the young lad has followed his dreams. Thank you so much for joining in with #writephoto with another great entry. KL ❤

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  2. Clever, Gary. And who can blame the lad? I once knew a fishmonger who nobody ever invited to dinner, even though he offered free fish. However, he did marry, although his new wife was addicted to cod-liver oil capsules. Enough said.

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    1. Hi Hugh,
      What your friend was living was exactly what was in my mind both as I wrote this story and what I was thinking when my grandfather offered to teach me how to earn my living on a fishing boat.
      Umm – thanks but . . .

      But thank you for reading my story and engaging the thought with me.


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      1. Hi Willow.

        I meant to reply to this note but the week all but ran off without me and now I’m playing catch-up. I did recognize your name from your previous visits and only meant to let you know I was thankful for your visit this time.

        I try, really, to not take someone for granted when it comes to reading my writing. There plenty of writers out there and I appreciate it when any of them choose to spend some of their time with me.I find that working to deserve your (and other readers) attention is the best way to becoming a better writer.

        I also wanted to ask if you had any clarification for what you meant by “snappy ending”? I think I understand it; kind of sharp, maybe a tad smart-aleky but fully decisive. . . or some such. I liked this ending also but why did it appeal to you? As possible, I’d like to repeat this trick.

        All the best Willow.


      2. Hi Gary, I really did like the twist . The fact that Granddad was worrying for nothing as the lad was on the same page but at a slightly different tangent.
        I used “snappy ending” because it was fun to the point and a gentle surprise at the end. It’s a great forum here on wordpress we tend to be a friendly helpful lot. ….I am not have a great time this week or last so forgive my short replies 💜

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      3. Ah – perfect then. Still, I find your replies helpful so there is nothing to forgive. I’d offer yours are more of the 99-word versions of kind feedback.


      4. I am always happy to explain and expand…and often smile at the confusion that one comom language can cause.
        What’s the saying ” Two nations divided by one language”

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