Coffee Share 180512

This is my first offering to a Weekend Coffee Share
group hosted by Eclectic Ally.

Here’s what has been shared for this week.

From this same page, you could add your own over-coffee thoughts.
As any good coffee share should work, be sure to “listen well” to what others have shared by clicking on their links. There are some wonderful folks and excellent quick reads here. So, come on. Let’s chat some over a virtual cup of tea or coffee.

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It’s such an provocative idea; sitting down someplace comfy with friends to talk about writing, or whatever, over tea or coffee.  I can see it all. We would kick back and repeat how much we love this place.

Javier, always arrives early to save our favorite three couches. Before us are the two ceiling-high bookshelves of dusty old Reader’s Digest volumes that always look more distinguished than any of the digested stories actually deserve.  Yet there they are, setting a tone of gentle literacy and themselves book-ending the wide fireplace hearth that that that stretches the full length of a coffee table where we can put our feet up and bathe in the heat and fellowship. Margaret, the shop owner, even encourages Jeri to bring, Timex, her aged shepard watch dog, so he can lie near both us and the warm fire.

Other groups of friends are nearby, gently enjoying their conversations and the ambient quiet. But the music-free dining room locals tolerate our Kathy’s disproportionate outbursts of laughter whenever something strikes her as funny and Saul’s out of context, but hysterical dead-pan comebacks that reduces us all to near tears of laughter. Margaret, loves us despite our disruptions and frequently stops by to ask us to sample some new scone recipe she’s trying.

The air is always heavy with the scent of coffee, warm pastries and a secret orange and spice tea that we know is the real reason the Starbucks two blocks away finally closed. Ummm, I do love that smell.

Our discussions are always respectfully deep as to draw out unspoken ideas that need fresh air and a dose of careless handling to properly polish, mature and develop.  You guys somehow know how to keep me excruciatingly honest about my own writing without leaving actual scars.

But of course, this is all just an image – word candy for those hooked on reading and lacking anything more substantial, might actually read one of those homogenized Reader Digest stories.  In real life, I might fret about fitting into such a group.  I used to be more social and able to enjoy such settings.  Now, it’s almost as if I’m afraid of being known both for my stories and in person.  What if you liked the former, but not really the latter?  A virtual page of words between us can be such safe insulation.

When asked by some of my more piercing friends about spending more time together, I’ve confessed that I’m a much better virtual friend than a live, face-to-face friend.  Small talk can be so frustrating for we who prefer to word-smith our trains of thought before hitting submit.

But it is so tempting to join with other writers who are managing similar challenges to my own.  I might fret as I tried to tell you about how my humorous autobiographical story collection is going.

You know, there is a similar coffee shop near-by, just past the freeway underpass.  Want to meet tomorrow, around 9am?

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5 thoughts on “Coffee Share 180512

  1. I’m right there in the coffee shop with you! I’m the silver haired woman that watches people before I speak……I like to get a feel of my surroundings…………see you next week. I hope there are some gardening books to look at!


    1. Hi CL (…which will have to do until or if I happen across your name. Thanks for your warm greeting above. Likewise, I would be that older guy with at least one wall close behind me and the dining area spread out before me so I can note and measure the crowd. Sounds like we could share successes and failures at this. I to look forward to hearing more from you at our upcoming coffee events.


  2. Welcome to the coffee share Gary. It’s a pretty chill place, so kick back and relax a bit with friends. Oh, and good luck with your writing!
    See you next week.


  3. Love the scene you painted, and like CadyLuck Leedy states, “I’m right there with you.” I am the quiet woman in the corner watching everyone and taking everything in but not really saying much. A smile, a laugh, an occasional comment cut off by lifting my coffee to my lips. Since small talk can be frustrating I am glad that there are a number of talkative coffee drinkers that are happy to lead the conversation allowing me to join in when I want without feeling the weight of breaking silences.
    Great post, thank you for sharing.


    1. Hi Shari – and wow! You found your way back to my first coffee share. Being new to this – I doubted anyone would ever wander into these archives but am very pleased that you did.

      I think you value strong imagery in writing as much as me and are more accomplished at it too.

      This is where I think writing becomes the most fun and effective and memorable to our readers.

      Since you have a couple of boys yourself, can I offer you a couple of my favorite small boy stories that has been read to others with good laughter resulting?
      Is one of my first essays in my collection and has some of my best imagery & action.

      The second favorite is: and your two night enjoy this one even more.

      Both come from a very different time (mid 1960’s) and even I would not let my own children run around this free.

      Anyway – I’d love to hear your thoughts on the effectiveness of my imagery in these two 10 minute reads.

      Thanks for your visit. Your comment remind me of a conversation (started but never finished) with a childhood friend about the difference between real flesh & blood friends versus real but virtual friends who we may never actually meet.

      All the best in your efforts in keeping your boys alive. I know we can be a handfull.


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