Quick Bio

The first job I recall wanting way back in the first grade was that of a story teller / comedian.  I loved, and still love telling stories and making people laugh.

dimeToday, while I make my living as a Technical Account Manager for a very large software company, stories remain my passion.  I’ve just finished my third year of serious blogging and my current project is still creating fun autobiographical essays about growing up.  All the members of this collection are 2000 words or less so most readers can consume one in 10 minutes or less.  I call my blog: Stories in a Dime of Time.

At the time of each event, I didn’t think my life was particularly exceptional but people have told me that they wished they had a life as full as mine.  I think they’re wrong.  Viewed from the correct point of view, our lives are full of adventures and I hope that some of my stories remind readers just how much fun we’ve had through this adventure of growing up.  If we were sharing coffee in some comfortable setting, I’ll bet my stories would remind you of wonderful and fun things that helped to make you the person you are today.

If you are open to the idea that flooding the back part of your home, playing tag up a tree, making and learning to throw your own boomerang, ride a unicycle, deal with bullies, exploring a storm drain, pulling gags with a chainsaw or just surviving your prom, college, first real job, girlfriends, sky diving or the birth of a child – you may find my collection to be a fun place to explore.  I hope you are such a person and, if I’m really fortunate, will soon be entitled to call you a friend I met through my story blog.