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Inspired by Charli Mill’s Carrot Ranch, #99WordStories
In 99 words (no more, no less),
write a story about being ready for a change.

rear view of man sitting on rock by sea
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Well, this is odd. I have nothing that must be done now.

I have time to sit, enjoy my tea, reflect, or just enjoy this bay view – ahhhh.

I wasn’t ready for college with everyone else, but when I was, I succeeded.

I wasn’t ready for a bride before outgrowing childishness, but then; she completed me.

I really wasn’t ready for self-employment without those years of experience but being laid off forced my successful attempt.

I wasn’t ready for fatherhood until that the ultrasound said I have 31 weeks to BE ready.

Wow — but he’s coming.

I’ve got this.

Note: This is a true story, It is my memory of what it felt like when confronted with the knowledge that I now had to be ready for the arrival of our first child.  It was not this view, but I sat on the deck of our home overlooking the South San Francisco bay and the distant approach of aircraft to San Francisco International Airport. 

That view did not quite let me see into the future – but on some days – it got really close.

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28 thoughts on “Ready Or Notwithstanding :: CR99 220321

    1. Hey George.
      Ain’t that the truth? About 30 years later, all 3 of them just keep surprising me, and I’ve got myself convinced that it’s a good thing.
      Thanks for giving it a read.

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      1. BTW, how much time elapsed between High School and college for you? And I thought in Silicon Valley, you could just walk across the street for another 6-figure job. Is this incorrect?


      2. My experience may to dated to be of much value, being in the mid 1970s then a second lap in the late 1980s.
        My HS -> real college gap was about 3÷ years. Which was part of the problem. There was a person with a Bachelors degree in line with me for every job I tried for. So I lost out every time until I went back and got one myself.

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      3. Ha – I could give you links to the stories so yes, I have no room to complain. Lots of growth, lots of experiences with very few regrets (all of which I own). Hope you have some of these same types of memories.


      4. Opps – George I’m sorry.

        Per your request, I meant to send you some story links from the time between my first real job after trade school and going back to get my BA. My memory slipped a setting. My “Growing up” was such a hoot some times. Here’s some stories you should enjoy.


        These and other stories from this era can be found at the link below: You’re welcome to browse and enjoy as time allows.I hope you find several things to laugh about.

        About My Site

        —> I RECALL 20+ —> College and Career

        Thanks for asking and my apologies for the fading memory I’m stuck with.


  1. Love this 🙂 I’ve learned that if wait until we’re ready for the best things in life, we’ll just never be ready… there will always be, in our heads, *something to do or be or fix first. What’s that saying? “Life is what happens when you’re busy making plans”? Sometimes you just have to leap and trust that the net will appear 🙂 k

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    1. Hi MarriLee, You started my day with a good laugh. I caused so much angst to our marriage over this. Afraid of fatherhood, whether I could be a good dad, and, God knows, any other direction of over-thinking it that I could think of.
      But I feel in love with him well before that first ultrasound image and know that fist chaotic day of having him in our arms finally was only the start of a life I was going to love.
      I never looked back and now only wonder what was wrong with that guy I used to be?

      Whatever you and Jeff went through to get us all to that wonderful day in SW Oregon – in my mind is something I’m hugely thankful for as well. We had them here for dinner last night and Jer was so tired after a busy Sunday that she crashed both on our back lawn all burrito-ed up in an quit she brought for the purpose and then again, really out on our couch before dinner.

      We are going to miss them horribly, but am also anxious to share them with you two.

      Thanks to both of you for helping to make this next step happen.


  2. You made me realize how many changes we go through in our lives. And the South San Francisco Bay view. I’ve had the wonderful opportunity a few times. Well worth the trip from NY state.

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  3. Well put. That’s exactly how it feels – life, I mean. I just wonder how many of us are walking around seeming to be very responsible and in control, but on the inside feeling like we’re just pretending to be a grown-up.


    1. Hi Margaret. Thanks for giving my story a read and for the kind feedback. Your comment is also so on point. Controlled pretense at adulthood – – sigh. I, um, may be guilty of this – – just occasionally.

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