I Recall = the New DOT Stories

Greetings, and welcome to my “I Recall” story collection. The acronym, DOT, used to be my shorthand for “Dime of Time”, which is the nick name for my original autobiographical story model. It stood for; “less than 10 minutes (a dime of time) to read.”

The collection got too big for one menu so I renamed and split the collection. The first is titled, “I Recall <20” for stories from my grammar school through the end of my trade school when I hit age 20 and moved away from Petaluma. The second set I’ve titled “I Recall 20+” for everything that happened after Petaluma, including career, college, marriage, having kids and beginning to see them leave the nest.  But the collection name, DOT, is now obsolete, but if I can find a way to make things fit I might bring it back.

Here’s what you can expect from each of my “I Recall” stories.

  1. DimeEach is 3000 words or less because, based on the average reader speed of 300 words/minute, this would make all these stories take most readers 10 minutes or less to consume. In fact, most of these are less than 2000 words.
  2. photo of man sitting on camping chair during dawnEach story has to be worth your time. 10 minutes of my time is valuable and I don’t presume yours is any less so. The value I hope to deliver with these stories is just pure entertainment. I have no underlying agenda for deep moral  persuasion or social engineering. I’m just hoping to share a few laughs and deserve the time you spend with my collection.
  3. rappelingEach story will be told in first-person narrative form because I want it to feel like we’re just having a pleasant and tad ‘rowdy’ conversation.  Overly loud outbursts of laughter are strongly encouraged.
  4. I hope that each of these stories will leave you with well-described and rich visual images as opposed to feeling like you’re reading a diary or data-dump. I hope you’ll be able to “hear” any dialog as if you were there with us.
  5. Each story is meant to be family friendly. If someone wanted to, they should feel comfortable having their children read any of these stories.
  6. nebulaThese stories are historical events. They actually happened so I’ve tried to be careful about using real names. Real names will appear only when I’ve secured permission to do so or the person is no longer with us and cannot be asked.  In this case, I limit my comments to only that which I believe would not be disrespectful.
  7. Finally, because this is what guys do,I reserve the right to be “obviously hyperbolic” where I think there’s a extra laugh to be gained for doing so.  You’ve been warned. Expect sarcasm.

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