My Stories

Greetings, and welcome to my story collection.

So you know what to expect,  here are the general guidelines that apply to each story.

  1. Each essay is less than 2000 words so it can be read in about 10 minutes.  My extensive research with Google tells me that the average reader can read about 200 words a minute. So for each story I’m hoping to capture about 10 minutes or less of your time.
  2.  Each story has to be worth your time somehow. 10 minutes of my time is valuable and I don’t presume yours is any less so. The value I hope to deliver with these stories is just pure entertainment. I have no underlying agenda for deep moral  persuasion or social engineering. I’m just hoping to share a few laughs together and earn the time you spend with my collection.
  3. Each story will be told in first-person narrative form because I want to feel like we’re just having a pleasant conversation.
  4.  I hope that each of these stories will leave you with rich visual images as opposed to feeling like you’re reading a diary.
  5. These stories are historical events. They actually happened to me and other real people  so I’ve tried to be careful with using real names. Real names will appear only when I’ve secured permission to do so.
  6. Finally, I reserve the right to be slightly hyperbolic where I think there’s a extra laugh to be gained for doing so.  You’ve been warned. Expect sarcasm.

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Autobiographical fun in 10 minutes or less

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