That Blue Dress :: CR99 220215

Outside their classroom, Douglas was afraid to face Kari.

She had been stunning in her new blue dress and their first formal date went so well — until the disaster.

Facing each other with raised crystal — everything was perfect. He could still taste the rich meal — so wonderful. They synchronized setting down their dessert spoons and leaned back to take deeply-satisfied final breaths. But hers was too much for the zipper. It failed at that moment — explosively.

She arrived and faced him.

“Douglas.  Never — mention last night or that dress again. I’ve reduced it to ashes.”


blue zipper dress

Inspired by a true event and Charli Mill’s Carrot Ranch, #99WordStories
In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about a zipper.

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27 thoughts on “That Blue Dress :: CR99 220215

    1. Hi Diana. In the real version of this fictional event, I was not told how the dress was dealt with, but I don’t think I ever saw it again.
      How did we ever survive our teenaged years?

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    1. Hi Geoff. Oh yea! When they work – they are wonderful. But when they fail chaos often follows. Let’s just file this under the heading of “unintended consequences” as opposed to under “emerging technologies”.


    1. Hi Hugh. Thanks for giving it a read. This story was fictional of course, but part of the inspiration for it came from a real event after which I’m pretty sure there was some information leakage. Distress happened as did some laughter. Sometimes there are few as irredeemable as teenagers. . . It could not be helped. It was funny.

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    1. Well I can tell you that the young lady I was dating who inspired this story some 50+ years ago grew up to be a wonderful person – but still does NOT want to recall the disaster.
      I confess that it does still makes me laugh which is why I couldn’t even think of an alternate take on this prompt.
      Fun stuff Charli – many thanks.


  1. Exploding zippers (I’ve heard them) and screaming buttons (another experienced sound and visual) make great fodder for a story. Thanks a bunch.

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    1. Hi Antoinette.
      Ha – exploding zippers and screaming buttons do instantly paint quite a mental image – sounds from written words – remarkable is it not?
      Thanks for giving it a read.


    1. Ha
      When Charli posted this prompt – I was stuck. I couldn’t think of anything other than what one zipper did to my date after our very nice first nice dinner. It changed everything. 👀

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    1. Hi D.
      This is a fictional account of an event that actually happened to a neat gal I was dating. It wasn’t as bad for her as depicted in the story, but she was none-too happy about the whole thing and I don’t recall ever seeing her in that dress again.

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    1. Hi Sam,
      Yea – the real life version of this fictional event was definitely a Yikes scale event. It caught us both by surprise and I was so young and unprepared for such a thing. Chivalry slammed into teenage hormones and havoc resulted.

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    1. Hahaha.
      Michael, you know we were supposed to grow out of such thoughts, but I’ll confess to having been split minded at the time.
      Thanks for sharing a laugh with me.


  2. Love this. It’s similar to my story, where the zip burst on my new jeans because they were too tight. I ended up butchering them. So I know exactly how this poor girl felt Gary!

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    1. Hi Gloria.
      Thanks for giving my story a read.
      and oooo, sorry to hear about those jeans.
      I hope your, um, exposure wasn’t as bad and depicted in my story.
      The real event this story came from was not as bad as my story, but I don’t recall ever seeing her in that dress ever again.

      So glad you stopped by. 😉


    1. Hi Irene –
      HAHAHA – oooh yes.
      She was terribly embarrassed. The real version of this fictional story was not as bad. I felt sorry for her, but was unable to help of course.
      Thanks for giving it a read Irene. It’s always a treat to have you stop by.

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