The Rule of New Food :: CR99 221107

“Eww – mom, what is -?”

“Austin; you’re nine now. Remember the rule about meals while visiting Aunt Clara?”

Sigh – “No complaints before an honest taste.”

“It’s all familiar stuff served differently. What do you see?”

“Um, mash potatoes, egg, onions, something leafy. “

“That’s cabbage.”

“I see carrot chunks and um, bacon pieces, some kind of oil.”

“Butter; it was fried in butter. Does any of that sound bad?”

“Do I like cabbage?”

“Since you were five, yes.”

“Aunt Clara, what’s it called?”

“Bubble and Squeak dear boy.”

“Eww. Food shouldn’t squeak.”

“Just taste it will you please.”


Photo Credit: Kolforn via & CC BY-SA 4.0

Inspired by Charli Mill’s Carrot Ranch, #99WordStory Challenge
and her prompt of November 7, 2022: write a story that includes something squeaky..

The British use this quirky name for this left-over vegetable – based meal. The only rule seems to be the mash potatoes which holds everything together. I understand that the Irish have a version they call ‘colcannon’ and I first tasted the Scottish version named ‘rumbledethumps’, which my wife and I quickly adopted and subjected out children to. Once we got it into their mouths – it was always love at first bite.

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7 thoughts on “The Rule of New Food :: CR99 221107

    1. Ah, you should give a try.
      It easily qualifies as morning comfort food.
      I’ve been food-lusting for it ever since writing this piece 😃
      I love it with either sour cream or mild salsa.
      Drooling 🤤 here now. . .

      Liked by 1 person

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