The Scarliton Bridge :: N2W 220227

Bridge Scarliton

Photo credit goes to: KL Caley

Ryan lifted two rocks from the Scarliton Bridge basket — a retired soldier who doubted the lore about forgetting painful memories by writing them on rocks and dropping them down at midnight.

Not possible, he thought, yet friends reported that it worked.

His mission to kill a Taliban leader accidentally killed children running past the building as his bomb exploded. The memory was consuming him.

He dropped his two memories, hoping — but doubting.

His night-vision binoculars caught men raising a net, harvesting the rocks so he detonated the one item in the net that was not a rock.

From:  KL Caley’s New To Writing: #WRITEPHOTO

GW bio card 4

6 thoughts on “The Scarliton Bridge :: N2W 220227

    1. Hi Willow.
      It was some kind of small explosive with a radio trigger. He was an explosive expert and suspected something deceptive was going on.
      His story barely fit in 99 words.
      Hope you enjoyed it even if it is kinda dark.


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