Trade School

This set of stories come from the years 1973 – 1975 when I felt I left most of my previous life behind and joined a world where training for my life-long work began. The trade school college really pressed us and we worked hard to master the material.  Long days of study and longer nights of getting it all filed away for easy access for the next test.

There were more adventures for sure, but by this time, I felt my ties to Petaluma were beginning to loosen.  I was there mostly long enough to eat a late diner and sleep.  I found that a large, newer world awaited and I was anxious to become a part of it.  New friends, new insights to my self and my possibilities.

heald college 1I spent most of these years working like a mad man on my electronic engineering class load and my part time jobs to pay for what my scholarship did not cover.

I’ll never forget those rushed days of cramming for our final finals interlaced with job interviews, graduation and that epic call from a company in (a much younger) Silicone Valley.

My trade school studies, adventures and new job all felt like it was over in a flash and at the end, I found I had only about a week to get moved out from my parents home and get ready for my first day of a real adult-scale job with a real company in Silicone Valley.

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