When Bone Goes Bad :: CR99 221024

“Nurse Elsa! It’s a nice day, let’s enjoy the porch.”

“It’s good to see you, Fredrick. Healthy still?”

“Yes, my surgery was a huge success. How are you? Your cane suggests…”

“I have the same condition.”

“Bone spurs in your L4 and L5? I’m so sorry to hear this.”

“The pain is crippling, but the surgery….”

“Ah, it scares you. It was your encouragement that got me through it.”

“So you said. My Henry passed, eight months ago, leaving me – alone. I thought of you.”

“Take my hand Elsa. It would be my honor to get you through this.”

a couple holding hands
Photo by A Koolshooter on Pexels.com

Inspired by Charli Mill’s Carrot Ranch, #99WordStory Challenge
and her prompt of October 24, 2022: “Bone’

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16 thoughts on “When Bone Goes Bad :: CR99 221024

    1. This 99-word limit is almost always a mix of literature and shoehorning. Each effort is just that – an effort, fun, but work.
      My response was easy, because I was that guy facing his first major surgery. I was in pain as they put me to sleep but woke up with it fully gone. I hope you never have a similar experience.

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  1. Nice beginning for a love story – complete with bone spurs. 🙂 Sorry you had to undergo something like that. It sounds super painful.


    1. Hi Kirstin,
      I recall my own battle with these buggers almost every morning when I put my shoes on without excruciating pain. My back was a mess and the surgery was unbelievably successful.
      Thanks for giving it a read.


  2. Having browsed the comments, Gary, I’m pleased to see your surgery was successful. A friend just had a similar experience – dreadful pain until the surgery, pain-free after. He couldn’t believe the difference.

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    1. Indeed. It sounds like a very similar version of what I went through. I was trying to get my brain around how I wasn’t going to make my family miserable taking care of me because I almost could not move, or get comfortable without crippling pain. I woke up from the anesthesia as they wheeled me away from the surgical room and through the fog of coming around could feel the area they worked on and the meatball of pain was gone. It was miraculous – I was walking pain free within 90 minutes. and I recovered from the actual surgery so quickly. Bravo for your friend. I get what he went through and am thrilled to know of another person delivered from that nightmare.
      Thanks for giving my story a read and for engaging the thoughts behind it.

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      1. It’s great to hear good news about surgeries, Gary. I’m so pleased to hear yours was successful. I hope it gives you no more bother.

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