My Story Ranges & Data

In case you don’t know, how the word count of a given essay translates to a story size classification is wildly variable. In short, each publisher has their own ranges and if you want to write for them, you must use their ranges.

I’ve tried to determine what is most common, but there’s the rub, there is no STANDARD, only ranges that seem to be popular. I’m going to let others more in touch with the trends of these classifications, keep up with the changing numbers as publishers tug and pull at them to meet their business needs, but for now will sort my own work as shown below.


Size Categories Word Count Ranges
Micro Fiction
< 99
Micro Fiction:  Exactly 99 Words
Flash Fiction 100 – 1 K
Short Story 1 K – 6 K
Novelette 6 K – 15 K
Novella 15 K – 50 K
Novel 50 K – 100 K
Epic > 100 K

GW bio card 4


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