About My Site

Welcome to my story blog. I have 3 collections I hope you’ll explore.

  • I Recall = my original collection of autobiographical stories which has grown to two menus  to accommodate the full collection.
  • Fiction = my second collection sorted by story size:  from 30 seconds to about an hour each. I’ve got a story for your available time.
  • Coffee Shares = an ongoing weekend diary-style meet catch up about whatever is happening in our worlds.

On normal size screens, you will see menus for each. If you’re using your phone, you’ll see just a single [ MENU ] button to scroll through the whole list.

The “I Recall” collection are autobiographical essays about growing up. This set got too large for one menu so I divided the collection into two sections.

  1. I Recall: Age <20, for stories that took place while living in Petaluma, Calif.
  2. I Recall: 20+, for stories that took place after turning 20 years old.

There are 80 stories. They each follow these guidelines:

  1. 3000 words or less to stay within a 10 minute (DOT) read for most readers
  2. Autobiographical. Expect some fun hyperbole, but these stories actually happened.
  3. Entertaining or moving somehow with no boring data dumps
  4. Written in first person and kind of rowdy, like two friends laughing over drinks
  5. Clean with almost no adult language or scenes. This is a family-friendly site.
  6. As visual as I can make them. I try to leave you feeling like you witnessed each story.

Fiction is my newest effort and these are exactly what you would expect. This menu is subdivided by story length. Publishers do this extensively so in this group, you can choose a story based on how much time you have.

Coffee Shares are running weekly essays , all that have a tone of kicking back to catch-up with a good friend.

Each story has a biography card / link near the bottom to take you back to my main page.

GW bio card 4

11 thoughts on “About My Site

  1. I hopped over to your blog after reading your comments about Deb’s story on Marsha’s blog. I thought what you said was very interesting and, hopefully, helpful (and said in a very kind way). Anyway, like Deb, I’ve recently started to write short stories – some of which I share on my blog – so I’m very interested in learning more about the craft. I look forward to following your blog and reading your stories.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Hi Janis, and your comment just identified you as a writer I’d like to know.
      Thanks for visiting my site.
      I’ve tried to make it accessible as a place to find fun stuff I’ve written.
      I’ll be around to return the favor soon.


  2. Loved the roadhouse stew story! We celebrated ‘Father’s Day’ at The Washoe House enjoying brunch outside. Eggs Benedict was fabulous. I’m pretty sure my dollar bill I stuck to the ceiling forty years ago is still there!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Bonnie. I went there a couple of times to research out the story – such a history the place has. Hope you come check out some of my other stories some time.
      Thanks for giving it a read and letting me know.


  3. Hi Gary fun to read your about. You have worked in IT. I see, our eldest and youngest sons have done the same and have many household names under their belts from climbing the ladder .
    I am glad to have popped in here and will stay if that’s okay with you.


    1. Oh yes, IT has been good to me, but it was a very wild ride for a while. I spent some early years in a computer R&D lab, a few more as a field engineer, a bunch as a computer science educator (=so much fun) a manager of a customer support team for database technologies and now, I’m still in support but as a manager for high-end customers with mission-critical systems. It’s been a hectic, but fun life. I’m pretty close to retiring now and have recently learned that story-blogging is what I’ve wanted to do for several decades even if I have really only about 6 years of actual experience. I feel like a kid with a complex new toy which also lets me meet clever people from around the globe. I should have started this when blogging first became a thing.


  4. Nice to meet you, Gary! I love how you’ve organized your posts and descriptions, such a great way to introduce what we will find here in your space! I look forward to poking around and participating in coffee share posts with you in the future!

    Liked by 1 person

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