Short I-Recall Stories by Era or Topic

If you know me from Grant Elementary School
      The Giant Inner Tube Adventure
      The Poppies are Back
      The Eucalyptus Sprouts Adventure

If you are an animal lover
      IDK, What Do You Want To Do
      A Pet From the Wild
      What Can Happen if You befriend a Cat

If you know me from Petaluma Jr. High
      Why free ranging children are a thing of the past
      Reasons to take up and abandon the unicycle
      Climbing to the top of a family business

If you know me from Petaluma High
      A failed Prom Date
      Trespassing as an art form
      Scared nearly to death on a first job

If you know me from Penngrove Church, circa early 1970's
      My Penngrove Pivot
      Recalling a Great Friendship
      Do you recall the T-Swing at McNear Park?

If you know me from Trade School, 1973 - 1975
      The best way to deal with a bad grade is, 'don't earn one'
      My short stint as a commuter to San Francisco
      The conjunction of a family crisis and Christmas

If you know me from San Jose, 1975 - 1977 (Four Phase or Campbell Church)
      There was this girl I knew who wanted to do EVERYTHING. . .
      How to weaponize a child
      Do people really die in Death Valley?

If you know me from Northwest College, Washington, 1977 - 1980
      Sometimes, a song just hits you right.
      A creative way to influence friends
      This was both the best and worst summer job ever

If you know me from my married life before kids, 1979 - 1991
      Teaching college classes can be such a wild ride
      Did you hear about our 10th anniversary trip to Europe
      When your church work with kids goes really really wrong

If you know me from life as a parent, 1992 - present
      Pulling wild stunts when she tells you, "it's time to have this baby"?
      What's the worst news you can get during Christmas?
      An inspired idea that made me proud of my team