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Welcome. Can I first tell you how my collections work? If yes, just keep reading the next few sections.

If you prefer to go straight to the new story lists, scroll down about a third of the way through the page to where you see the photo of a red building. That’s the first story in the current list.

Newest Posts
I use blog POSTS mostly for new story announcements. If you follow my blog, these are sent to you automatically. After that, the newest ones are easy to find because they automatically appear to the right (on full screens) below my photo. For smaller screens, you may have to scroll to the bottom of any page to see this list of links.

Newest Pages (Stories)
I use blog PAGES for actual stories, essays and articles. They’re not automatically sent out to followers but are almost all available in various menus or indexes. When I create a new story, I create a page for the story itself then create a post that announces the story and points to that new page where it can be found. It is all very quick and easy to find and read one.

The Information before each story title is the,
– – – [Date of Publication] :: [Inspired-by Code] :: [Word Count] :: Story-Title
– – – e.g. 220925 :: N2W :: 2680 :: Story-Title

My Date of Publication format = YYMMDD, i.e. 221115 = November 15, 2022.

Inspired by coding:
– – – CR99 = Carrot Ranch 99-Word Story Challenge,
– – – N2W = KL Caley’s weekly, New 2 Writing  #WritePhoto Challenge,
– – – GAW = for anything I pull out of thin air or hair.

When a story is pushed from this page by newer stories, their lines will be moved to a menu sorted by story type and, for fiction, length with newest being first.
– – – I Recall = My not-so-normal Memoirs
– – – Fiction -> Micro < 99-Words = Carrot Ranch inspired 99 word stories
– – – Fiction -> Flash 100-1000 = Quick read stories of this length
– – – Fiction -> Short 1000 – 6000 = Normal length  stories
– – – Fiction -> Novelette = 6K – 15K = Longer stories
– – – Fiction -> Novella = 15K – 50K = Stories that approach book length

This page was last updated: 2023-01-08

But, enough with the details already! Let’s get to the stories!

Newest Novelettes and Novellas

Washoe House 1211212 :: GAW :: 9624 :: The Last Helping of Roadhouse Stew
– – – Genre: Historical Fiction. This story is set at the Washoe House,  just north of where I was born and raised, near Petaluma, California, US. In the 1800s and early 1900s, roadhouses were combinations of shipping and travel hubs, restaurants, bars, inns, speakeasies and brothels. From carriages to cars, this is a fictional story of a young woman who grew up at the Washoe House, suffering from the environment her mother brought her into and some of the mystery and drama that came with it.

sad-man-portrait210101 :: GAW :: 11741 :: Ayem Notthymn: The Second Door
– – – Genre: Credible Human Drama. This story is set in the state of Oregon, US and in the mountains of the Willamette National Forest, east of Eugene, Oregon. A young graduate has landed a great job working for a highly popular author as his personal editor. It seems to be the perfect job until she gets a phone call from the hospital as his emergency contact that he’s been in a horrific accident. She rushes to assist, but immediately starts to find clues suggesting that he’s not the man she thought she knew and struggles to decide how or if she can keep helping and working for such a man.

wp-1669590240659.jpg211114 :: GAW :: 16398 :: Defending Canopy Station
– – – The Genre is Hard Science Fiction so the science I use can extend to where technology might actually be in a few years and such as I use science, it has to line up with known facts. In this case I explore some of the implications of trying to fight where the speed of light and the extraordinary power of kinetic energy both matter. There is a big battle brewing between the new asteroid mining habitat name Canopy Station and China. The station has declared their sovereignty, but China believes they are entitled to seize the productive mining facility with its elegant, giant twin counter-rotating living cylinders that both have established axles of thick ivy which provides both oxygen and a lovely green sky for all the residents.  The station has no real weapons, but they know the Chinese ship coming for them is the most formidable ship ever produced. One of the station’s materials engineers thinks she has the answer to how the underdog station can meet and win the battle somewhere in the void not far from Jupiter.

Newest I Recall Stories – Laughing at my life in Petaluma and afterwards
A Life and Breath Event
Don’t Worry. Brie Happy.
One Child’s View of Economics

Newest 99-Word Stories 30-second fun reads
230105 :: CR99 :: Finding A New Balance
221128 :: CR99 :: His Daughter’s Dance Show
221123 :: CR99 :: A Woodpecker Deterrent That Works
221115 :: CR99 :: Living a Lie Via Zoom
221107 :: CR99 :: The Rule of New Food

Newest Flash Fiction: (100-1000 words)  2 to 4 minute reads
221104 :: N2W :: 856 :: A Place To Think
221027 :: N2W :: 900 :: Through the Autumn Fog
22102 :: N2W :: 199 :: Lucy’s Halloween Costume
221015 :: N2W :: 980 :: Surrogacy For The Lost
220909 :: N2W :: 907 :: The Inductee

Newest Short Fiction: (1K-6K) 3 to 30 minute reads, but most are less than 10
230109 :: N2W :: 1967 :: The Quiet Love and Wisdom of Melvin
221226 :: N2W :: 1299 :: A Glimpse of Christmas Past
221218 :: N2W :: 2117 :: The Best Christmas Gifts Ever
221119 :: N2W :: 2396 :: A Squirrel’s Tale
221112 :: N2W :: 1478 :: The Search For a Maskil
221009 :: N2W :: 2362 :: The Mahjong Woodland

Newest Coffee Shares: A weekly on-line meeting of friends

Coffee Share 230121 ::  On Public Speaking
Coffee Share 230114 :: Economic Frustrations
Coffee Share 230107 :: Arriving Safe to 2023 (An Introduction to VPN)
Coffee Share 221230 :: Thanks And So Long 2022
Coffee Share 221216 :: The Asterisk and Dagger
Coffee Share 221210 :: Ghost Writer ?
Coffee Share 221204 :: December Dancing
Coffee Share 221125 :: Black Friday

Newest Non-Fiction :: Tutorials and other Essays
Technology for Poets: Accelerometers