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I use blog posts mostly for new story announcements. They are easy to find because they automatically appear to the right (on full screens) below my photo. 

First, A Featured Fiction ::  ( aka - a story I'd love more readers to try)
     Defending Canopy Station
 At 16,300 some odd words, this story barely qualifies as a novella length story and might take you around 55 minutes to read. The genre is Hard Science Fiction so the science I use can extend to where technology might actually be in a few years and such as I use science, it has to line up with known facts.  In this case I play some with the speed of light and the hard-to-play-with notion of kinetic energy. There is a big battle brewing and my story is how one materials engineer took an underdog group to victory. I hope you'll give it a read and let me know how Sci-Fi works for you when the author can't create new particles to solve the story.

Newest "I Recall" Stories ::  Laughing at my life in Petaluma and afterwards
      A Life and Breath Event
     Don't Worry. Brie Happy.
     One Child's View of Economics

Newest (Collection) 99-Word Flash-Fiction Stories :: 30-second fun reads
    For This Also, Thanks Mom
    Can You Trust Me
    About Your Car's Warranty
    Sometimes When Water Falls
    No Price For Being Wrong

Newest Fiction :: Most are 10-minute reads or less
     Behind That Tiny Door
     A Case of Kite On Kite
     After Being Laid Off
     Behind a Fairy Door

Newest Coffee Shares (date format = YYMMDD) :: A weekly on-line meeting of friends
    Coffee Share 220505: A Recorded Greeting
    Coffee Share 220422: A Short Share & Short Stories
    Coffee Share 220415: A Mystery Solved