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First - How My Collections Work: Newest Posts: 
For my / this story blog, I use blog POSTS mostly for new story announcements. If you follow my blog, these are sent to you automatically. After that, the newest ones are easy to find because they automatically appear to the right (on full screens) below my photo. 
As Compared to Blog Pages: 
I use blog PAGES for actual stories, essays and articles. They're not automatically sent out to followers, but are almost all available in various menus or indexes. When I create a new story I intend to share, I create a page for the story itself then create a post that announces the story and points to that new page where it can be found. It is all very quick and easy to find and read one of my stories. 
Then - A Featured Story ::  (aka - 0ne I'd love more readers to try)
     Defending Canopy Station
 At 16,300 some odd words, this story barely qualifies as a novella length story and might take you around 55 minutes to read. The genre is Hard Science Fiction so the science I use can extend to where technology might actually be in a few years and such as I use science, it has to line up with known facts.  In this case I play some with the speed of light and the extraordinary power of kinetic energy. There is a big battle brewing and my story is how one materials engineer took an underdog group to victory. I hope you'll give it a read and let me know how Sci-Fi works for you when the author can't create new particles to solve the story.
Last updated: 2022-09-19 
Newest "I Recall" Stories ::  Laughing at my life in Petaluma and afterwards
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Newest 99-Word Flash-Fiction Stories :: 30-second fun reads
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    Into My Sunset
    Making Guilt Worse
    A Remote Getaway
    A Nostalgic Salvation
    Just 3 Breaths to Peace

Newest Flash (100-1000 words) and Short (1K-6K) Fiction :: Most are 10-minute reads or less.
     From The Street to Behind the Red Door
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     Two Swans of Peace
     No Love Lost for Axle
    The Chapel Visitor
     A Stairway to Safety
     A Window with a Dramatic View

Newest Coffee Shares (date format = YYMMDD) :: A weekly on-line meeting of friends
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