I Recall

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These stories are autobiographical essays about growing up.  Yes, they are essentially memoirs but I promise you, they’re not normal ones. Many memoirs are boring data dumps that read like public birth, marriage and death records. This type of data is important, but I just don’t write this kind of thing.  These stories are designed to be entertaining. Each one meets these guidelines:

    1. Short. 3000 words or less to result in 10 minute reads or less for most readers
    2. Autobiographical. Expect some fun hyperbole, but these stories actually happened.
    3. Entertaining or moving somehow with no boring data dumps
    4. Written in first-person and kind of rowdy, often told from the perspective of a very young boy trying to figure out the world, or as if two friends were sharing and laughing over drinks
    5. Clean with almost no adult language or scenes
    6. Visual so you are left feeling like you witnessed each story first hand

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Grammar School    ( 14 Stories )  
  ⁙   The Indoor Tsunami AdventureThe Invention of the SaunaThe Dark Cave AdventureThe Giant Inner Tube AdventureThe Poppies are BackThe Insurance Company AdventureThe Battle with My Dad AdventureThe Buckeye AdventureThe Tree Tag AdventureThe Eucalyptus Sprouts AdventureIDK, What Do You Want To DoScarfing & Smashing CoinsA Pet From the WildA Shot Between Friends

Junior High (AKA, Middle) School    ( 11 Stories )
  ⁙   A Dog and Her Boy
  ⁙   The Boomerang Adventure
  ⁙   The Rock Quarry Adventure
  ⁙   The 1st Bully Adventure
  ⁙   The 2nd Bully Adventure
  ⁙   The Unicycle Adventure
  ⁙   New Driver Adventures
  ⁙   First Long GunThe Art of Surviving Sisters
  ⁙   Ballistic Buddies AdventuresThe Treetop Adventure

High School    ( 13 Stories )
  ⁙   My Penngrove Pivot
  ⁙   The Storm Drain AdventureThe Chainsaw AdventureThe T-Swing AdventureThe Capacitor AdventureThe Scary Night Adventure
  ⁙   The Prom Date AdventureAdventures in Trespassing
  ⁙   The Foggy Hike Adventure
  ⁙   Recalling a Great Friendship
      What Shape is the Ball? 
  ⁙   The Suffering Of A Young Autodidact
      Water Adventures 

Trade School    ( 6 Stories )
      The Better Grade Incident
      The Commuter Horseplay Incidents
      A Surprise Dinner Date Adventure
      The Favorite Author Incident
      Don't Worry. Brie Happy.Of Crashes and Christmas 

Career and College    ( 15 Stories )
       First Professional Job
       Learning to Scuba
       The Most Audacious Birthday Gift
       Helping Her Reach Higher
       The Speleological Spiderman Incidents
       The Kid Bomb Incident
       Rich Mental Meals
       The Spice of Life
       Staying Alive in Death Valley
       The Gravity of Medical Chaos
       My One Cat Story
       Kneading A Good FriendA Song from On High
       Adventures in the Ship’s Tanks
       The Bridge Toll Incident 

Married    ( 7 Stories )
       My Big Accomplishment
       My Rowdy Approach to Giving Exams
       Considering the Fear of Heights
       A Manic Mannequin Memory
       An Unforgettable 10th Anniversary
       Suffer Not The Children
       A Simple Drink with Friends 

Married With Children    ( 10 Stories )
       Welcoming Our First Born
       Favorite Memory of a Baby Girl
       My Childbirth Deception Stunt
       A Unique Christmas Ornament
       A Life and Breath Event
       One Child's View of EconomicsJacquie’s Story
       The Carrot Corn Pancake Incident
       Home Schooling Moms and Dads
       Avoiding the Raad Trip to Hell

Shallow Nesting    ( 4 Stories )
       The Eddies of Work & The Taste of Words
       We Never Forget Our First . . .
       A Heritage of Ice Cream 
       The Net Worth of a Squirrel

Total Stories: 80