shahin-khalaji-FLV1Gxn9ZH8-unsplashThis section is divided and sorted by story length. I currently have stories between 15 to 16,000+ words. Real publishers have roughly defined categories for story size and lacking agreement between them on what each category covers, I start this section by defining what ranges I use.  Click on the first item in this menu to review my story range table.

I like surprises in my fiction so expect to find them in mine. I create stories about people; their relationships and challenges; fictional yes, but these are meant to be emotionally surprising explorations of what life can throw at us.


This section is newer and the collection is growing so I hope you’ll check back or follow my blog to hear about new additions as they appear.  So far, most are human drama, but there are a couple of Hard Science Fiction essays and one new Historical Fiction.

You’ll find that I love to let my characters tell their own stories in conversations. More often than not, they tell a better story than a narrator ever could. I also love to take readers inside my character’s minds and thoughts to bring my readers even closer to the story.

vladimir-soares-z_8Jqe0Cc-s-unsplashMost are short, but now, longer pieces are beginning to accumulate.

There is also a special section for a weekly challenge project that confines authors to telling whole stories in exactly 99 words.  These are unique stories that take readers only 30 seconds – unless you’re given to sitting back after reading one just to think about it. You might want to budget some time for this to happen too.

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