Parenting Job Assignments

It’s the dad’s job to make sure
the kids don’t die of boredom.

It’s the mom’s job to make sure they don’t die.


GW bio card 4

17 thoughts on “Parenting Job Assignments

    1. Hi Marsha.
      Yea – it was a quip of mine from several years ago after being accused of putting our kids at risk in the interest of having fun. It’s become a popular line for both my wife and I.

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      1. Hey Marsha – a quick question. Did I miss the widget you were going to or did send about my story chat? I was looking forward to adding it but may have missed it.

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      2. I must have gotten sidetracked with all my accidents in the last three weeks. I’ll send it when I get home.


      3. Ah – Please – absolutely no hurry. I’m much more interested in you sitting still with a cold drink staring into space or something of that caliber, than getting this new toy to play with.
        Get better, then take care of guys like me.

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      1. I believe it! Very funny. I linked it to my mention of your comment in a plea for more story chatters to join in. The story is going VERY well.

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  1. I love this one. Especially since you created it. So many of these memes just get shared on Facebook, without any creativity by the re-posters. I’m still not 100% sure about what a meme is. Just a little quote/riddle/thought with a photo attached to it?

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    1. Hahaha 😆 😂
      Yep – my older kids recall the day when all 3 were left in my care while mom was at some mom’s meeting for several hours when we lived in COS.
      We were too tired of our yard so I drove them to a new neighborhood being developed near work where I knew there were huge sand dunes being leveled. We found one about 3 stories high. I parked and yelled all ashore !
      The kids were fascinated by looking up at the top of that cliff, until I ran to it and started climbing, yelling for them to follow me. They knew they were onto something cool and helped the youngest make the climb where every step. We would sink I close to our knees. We were tired when we got to the top and then enjoyed the view – for only a few minutes before one of them asked, “what now?”
      I smile at them and said “we take the fun way down” and I leaped from the edge out into space and fell and sunk I to the loose sand eventually. But the fall was so 😎
      They took a few seconds to reason out how I could still be alive but then they followed like good children should.

      It was many years before mom found out about this adventure. . .


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