Parenting Job Assignments

It’s the dad’s job to make sure
the kids don’t die of boredom.

It’s the mom’s job to make sure they don’t die.


GW bio card 4

14 thoughts on “Parenting Job Assignments

    1. Hi Marsha.
      Yea – it was a quip of mine from several years ago after being accused of putting our kids at risk in the interest of having fun. It’s become a popular line for both my wife and I.

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      1. Hey Marsha – a quick question. Did I miss the widget you were going to or did send about my story chat? I was looking forward to adding it but may have missed it.

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      2. I must have gotten sidetracked with all my accidents in the last three weeks. I’ll send it when I get home.


      3. Ah – Please – absolutely no hurry. I’m much more interested in you sitting still with a cold drink staring into space or something of that caliber, than getting this new toy to play with.
        Get better, then take care of guys like me.

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      1. I believe it! Very funny. I linked it to my mention of your comment in a plea for more story chatters to join in. The story is going VERY well.

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  1. I love this one. Especially since you created it. So many of these memes just get shared on Facebook, without any creativity by the re-posters. I’m still not 100% sure about what a meme is. Just a little quote/riddle/thought with a photo attached to it?

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