About Coffee Shares

Scone_and_CafeWelcome to my Coffee Share collection

This area is almost completely a diary/discussion with other bloggers. This particular Coffee Share group (I understand there are others with similar names) is hosted by a certain blogger who creates a new link each week for anyone interested to stop by and share a link/post with the intention being to answer the question; “If we were having coffee, I’d tell you. . . . .” Like any group of friends getting together to just talk, all kinds of stuff comes up. If you go to any of the host’s coffee share links, you’ll see a list of other links with bloggers names so you can look for someone you like or just wander. But each one is a glimpse of what that person is thinking about, working on or worried about for the past of upcoming week. Each of these folks are bloggers themselves, so expect some lively and diverse thoughts.

To make this section very fast to use, I title my links – my essays, using a set pattern: “Coffee Share” [2 digits for the year] [ 2 digits for the month] [2 more for the day] followed by a few words suggesting the topics addressed.

These essays are always shorter that my 2000 word limit for my stories and end up being anywhere from 400 -1500 words and read like a one-sided dialog between friends chatting over coffee.

If interested, you can use the links at the top of each of my essays to get to the full weekly collection of all the other shares for that week.So you can read and maybe get to know some of the other cool folks who meet up each week.

I only index my own in this menu system.If you read and comment on any of my essays, WordPress will drop me a note and we can have a conversation.

I’d welcome that.

2 thoughts on “About Coffee Shares

  1. Thank you for discovering my blog and leaving me an invitation to visit yours. Just finished the adventures of Flying Jimmy and the Innertube. My gosh! I am certain I felt almost every bump and bruise and could envision Jimmy coming out of the other side of the fence in cubes.

    Glad all of you lived to tell the story! You are a talented storyteller. Enjoyed reading and will be back for more.


    1. Ah Excellent! That is both a favorite memory and story. Glad you enjoyed it. I’ve loved writing well forever, but until I stood up this blog, I did not realize how much fun it is to share my stories. Come by any time. You will always be welcome.


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