Living a Lie Via Zoom :: CR99 221115

99 Word Story Challenge

Bryce watched his screen as peers discussed an expense management slide.

Progress is so tedious, he thought.

Suddenly his kids ran into the room screaming joyfully with his wife scrambling to silence them. He quickly muted the microphone and roared.

Furious, he was on his feet cursing and threatening his family when his phone rang – it was his boss.

“Hello Marcel.”

“Bryce, you’re in my office in an hour. We thought we knew you but, your outburst; unacceptable and completely out of character.”

He’d turned the sound down, not his mic off.

“Your options are intervention or termination.”

mad formal executive man yelling at camera
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

Inspired by Charli Mill’s Carrot Ranch, #99WordStory Challenge
and her prompt of November 14, 2022: write a story about a lie.

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12 thoughts on “Living a Lie Via Zoom :: CR99 221115

    1. Hi Dora,
      I’ve been trying to master this project for about 3/4 of a year now and it’s gotten a tad easier. But yes, when it works, I’m amazed because I’m very wordy with my writing. Thus is helping me write tight stories.


  1. Silly Marcel. Online meetings and Zoom calls can be dangerous places!
    My friend’s kids were in the middle of a Zoom music lesson during lockdown. They started fighting during it. Their dad came in and tried to separate them-not making a good job of it. It ended with one kid shouting, “I hate this family”.
    All very embarrassing for the parents. But they can laugh about it now!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yes – they certainly are. I’ve been on several tech support calls when we’re trying to understand the person with the problem over their screaming children or barking pets. Everyone is embarrassed for the person stuck working from home and trying to solve their problem in a chaotic environment that they can’t control even for a call to tech support. I decided to use this image as my backdrop for the big lie and how it might be exposed. Thanks for another visit and comment Gloria.


      1. Thanks D.
        I’m glad it worked for you. Not my normal venue, but I’m trying to branch out just a tad.
        I thought the imagery worked pretty good, jut the result was not what most would have liked.


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