No Price For Being Wrong :: CR99 220329

Inspired by Charli Mill’s Carrot Ranch, #99WordStories
In 99 words (no more, no less),
write a story about disappearance.

leaf blower


“Senator, what you’re proposing will kill many businesses.”

“No, it won’t. We’ll ask everyone to do the same . . .”

“Stop!  You won’t ‘ask’.  It’s not a request if you penalize non-compliance. That’s forcing.”

“How can you not see that these two-cylinder blowers are polluting the environment? Switching everyone to four-cylinder models will help save the planet? Left to choose, everyone will keep selling those cheaper less efficient blowers.”

“And your bad-science law will only create a black-market from states where banned blowers will remain available. Our business will ‘disappear’, and you’ll pay no penalty for being wrong.”

Note: This fictional story is based on a real situation being faced by local businesses in California.

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17 thoughts on “No Price For Being Wrong :: CR99 220329

    1. Hi Willow,
      Just getting caught up here.
      Thanks for giving my little rant a read.
      There really has to be something about politics that makes it more addicting and more destructive that any opiate.

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    1. Hi Diana,
      I’ve missed you at the weekend coffee share but this is a no pressure observation because I love how you pick up on my posts, read and weigh in with your thoughts. This I really value because you known me and my word-quilts long enough that you knew me both before and after I learned this or that. Besides, I bet your life has only gotten busier and family more spread out. I do hope that everyone is healthy and loving life. Thanks for always making time to read my articles.


      1. You betcha!! I Love reading your writings and you hit the nail on the head as I’ve been super busy. I managed a weekend coffee share really late Sunday night and missed the deadline to be included with the linkup. I posted it anyways, and I will join in next weekend in a more timely manner! 🙃😊

        But I do love watching and reading when I can you and other wonderful bloggers out there as we all grow and share together! Thanks so much for your wonderful, caring comments. I’m trying to fit everything in as best as I can! Take care my friend! ❤️

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  1. I really dislike those gas blowers. Loud, stinky and for gosh sakes… get a broom (remember those?) and maybe some exercise. Our front yard is all succulents, no trees, yet it is always full of leaves blown from other neighbors’ yards who hire Blow-and-Go services. Okay… end of my rant 🙂

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    1. Hi Janis. You read mine so even if I did not know you to be civil, rational and (best of all) literate, your rants would still be welcome here. Yea – we hate them as well but at least our guy capture what they blow about and dump it either in our mulch pile or haul it away to a larger community mulch pile, which is allowed to stew for some time and then sold back to community as great rich soil. Thanks for weighing in. 🙂

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      1. Nah – I actively avoid reasons to take offense. If you really want to get me, you have to make it unmistakable and even then I may walk off wondering what just happened. Besides, if you ever did, it would be an odd, out of character data point in a mass of civil and kind ones. So, I’d know almost for certain it wasn’t you and more likely you were hacked. A whole bunch of hurt is thus avoided by go old ignore-therapy.

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    1. Hi Shari. This one was a struggle. But that morning I was reading Thomas Sowell’s “the Vision of the Anointed” and his writing always make me want to write things in support of his different ideas. This guy is an American treasure and he inspired these 99 words.


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