The New Crab :: N2W 220303


N2W Crab

Photo credit goes to: KL Caley

Ethan watched the saltwater tank. The new crab was scrambling about, teaching the children his ways.

That first day was interesting, but the second morning, one fish was badly injured, barely alive.

“What happened Ms. Clark?”

“Let’s investigate. We’ll take turns watching as we do our lessons.”

Ethan hadn’t yet made lunch friends, so he took the lunch watch.

As the injured fish circled and dropped, the crab jumped up to claw open new wounds.

Ethan panicked for the fish and cried out, “Ms. Clark! It’s the crab!”

She touched his shoulder. “Some lessons are hard Ethan; painfully so.”


From:  KL Caley’s New To Writing: #WRITEPHOTO


GW bio card 4

14 thoughts on “The New Crab :: N2W 220303

  1. Oh my gosh! Poor little fish. Nature’s tough. I once had a black moor goldfish that regularly ate or attacked any other fish we added to its tank! Great story. Thank you so much for joining in with #writephoto. KL ❤

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    1. Hi KL,
      True that. I was in high school when this happened to some friends in the same biology class as me. We were all part of filling that tank with stuff & fish. I added the crab from a nearby fishing dock and he repaid the favor by destroying most everything else in the tank. 🐟 🐠


  2. Ah, life’s tough lessons. Reminds me of the ol’ AL Wilson song, “Cried the snake…”
    “Oh, shut up, silly woman,” said that reptile with a grin
    “Now you knew darn well I was a snake before you brought me in”

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