You’re Done :: CR99 220523

Inspired by Charli Mill’s Carrot Ranch, #99WordStories
In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story containing the phrase,
“…well’s gone dry.”

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So, I’ve decided. You’re done hurting me.

You’ve eroded my finances, my health, my self-respect.

You’ve insulted my family, my friends, and my God.

You’ve broken my trust, my body, and my good name.

You’re always quick to apologize, but your good intentions quickly fade.

Yes, I have already forgiven your last loss of self-control, but you need help I can’t provide.

I no longer want you in my life. That well’s gone dry.

I filled it in with the rubbish that you left of my life and when I leave, I’m starting a new one, completely — without — you.

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17 thoughts on “You’re Done :: CR99 220523

      1. Hahaha – no need to rewrite at all! And I loved how you moved us through to the end and it felt longer than 99 words (enjoyed it) and the well sure did run dry (cue the song line ****can’t give anymore….****
        And I think I mentioned the trial because after yoga tonight I was waiting somewhere and the court TV was on with a snippet (and funny scene with the expert witness doctor Gettng way too argumentative and defensive )
        But I don’t know much about either of them and sigh – and I feel
        Bad for anyone who is going through a lawsuit or divorce and then all the worse when it is on TV!

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  1. Very powerful. Loved the even paced build up to the denouement. I read an article that in these cases of toxic controlling abuse the moment the abused finds the courage to leave is the point when they are most likely to be murdered. Its utterly tragic. Yep powerful.

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    1. Hi Zuzu,
      Thanks. I’ve known a few who have been through something similar, but I’ve not experienced it directly. I’ve tried to help some caught is such relationships and wow, what a mess that can be. Heartbreaking. But there is a path out.

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