Refreshed & Reprising :: the Poppies Are Back

Can you ever have enough feel-good stories about a kid being saved by medical technology? Nah – I didn’t think so either.   This is mine – another dust off, refresh and newly released to the reading public.

Told from the perspective of a 6-year-old whose sister is dying, this 4 minute read should leave you smiling and laughing at the juxtaposition of a medical miracle overshadowed by a botanical misunderstanding.

Click here to read: The Poppies Are Back

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3 thoughts on “Refreshed & Reprising :: the Poppies Are Back

    1. Hi Sadje. I’m so glad you both read and liked this story. It’s become a personal favorite and my sister loves it – mostly because she didn’t recall these details – for being so young at the time. Thanks for giving it a read.

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