Refreshing :: A Pet From The Wild

Today, I’m continuing my rewrite and refresh of my older “I Recall” stories.

I’m using newer editing tools and adding details to another story from growing up  in Petaluma, California in the mid 1960s.  This story is one I doubt many of you would have experienced. Many places around the globe have similar creatures, but in all of them, it is customary to leave them free to roam and live their lives.

That’s not quite what happened here.

This is the story of how we brought some of nature’s cutest creatures home to live with us and how that all worked out.

Click here to read: A Pet From the Wild

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6 thoughts on “Refreshing :: A Pet From The Wild

    1. Hi Pam, I get your concern but back in the 1960s in this community, we did not think of such things. Markets were more open, there was much less government controls and animal’s lives were not so important in this sense. Having unusual pets – well that was just plain fun.
      Your point remains valid and well taken but you must agree – some kid thinking he was helping a mantle by giving it a sip of bourbon – that’s just plain funny now.

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